The Archbishop of Paris, Michel Aupetit, hands over his office to Pope Francis

The Archbishop of Paris is in turmoil. On November 23, the weekly Point published a long article on “The contested methods” of Michel Aupetit at the head of the diocese of the capital. Journalists also accuse him of having had an affair with a woman, based on an email dating from 2012, which the priest, then vicar general of Paris, would have sent by mistake to his secretary.

Faced with the scale of the scandal, Michel Aupetit, who denies any sexual relationship with this person, sent a letter to Pope Francis on November 25, to hand him over his office. “I did it to preserve the diocese, because as a bishop, I must be at the service of unity”, he declares the next day on a daily basis
The cross.

Concretely, the Bishop of Rome must decide on the maintenance or resignation of his Parisian colleague. The pope will be advised by one of his relatives, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the congregation for bishops, and a Quebecer well informed of the situation of the Catholic Church in France.

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