The Apogee Moon Phenomenon Will Happen Tonight


Apogee Moon Phenomenon happened tonight, Thursday (14/1/2022). The Apogee Phenomenon is The position of the Moon is at the farthest point from Earth. This is because the Moon’s orbit is not completely spherical, but rather elliptical.

Therefore, there is the closest and furthest point on the Moon from Earth. If the farthest point of the Moon from the Earth is called Apogee, then the point closest to the Moon from the Earth is called Perige.

This phenomenon occurs every month with the Perige Phenomenon occurring every 27.32 days on average, while the Apogee Moon Phenomenon occurs in a time span varying between 26.98-27.90 days.

This month’s apogee will occur on January 14, 2022, to be exact at 16.17.06 WIB. This phenomenon has been witnessed since 15.30 local time from the northeast, according to a report from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (LAPAN) BRIN.

At night, precisely at 21.30 WIB, the Moon will culminate, or reach its highest point in the north. Towards dawn, precisely at 03.30 WIB the next day, the Moon will set in the west.

On Moon Apogee Phenomenon this time it will be 405,831 kilometers from Earth with a brightness level of 88.7% at peak apogee, and in the constellation Taurus.

So, what is the impact of this Apogee Moon Phenomenon? Launch Time and Date, Apogee and Perige have an influence on the tides. The perigean has a variation of 5 cm greater than the normal low tide market, while the apogean variation is 5 cm smaller than the normal tide.

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