The animated short film “Chuchi Chuchi” has been selected for a competition in Berlin

At the beginning of February, the world premiere of the short film “Chuchi Chuchi” created by the animation studio “Atom Art” will take place at the Berlin International Film Festival. It is based on the most popular Latvian lullaby

“Berlin” is one of the largest and most prestigious film festivals in Europe and the world, the program for this festival is selected from several thousand applications. Māra Liniņa’s film “Čuči čuči” has been selected for the festival’s competition “Generation K plus”, which includes short films for children.

The animation studio “Atom Art” has previously made many children’s favorite animated films – a short film series “Lupatiņi” (since 2010), a full-length film “Jēkabs, Mimmi” and talking dogs (2018), “Bize un Neguļa” (2017) and others; The new film “Chuchi Chuchi”, aimed at the youngest viewers, also continues to contribute to the quality of children’s cultural content.

Like the well-known lullaby “Aija, žūžū, bear children”, the five-minute film “Čuči čuči” tells the story of a bear family where the big bears go during the day – to take care of berries and honey -, but the bear children stay home with the sleeping sheep. and work wickedness. It is an imaginative message about a carefree, truly emotionally saturated childhood time next to the adult world – care, love, mutual understanding, family, such very important universal values.

The film’s director Māra Liniņa says about her new film: “Our folk songs have a strong cultural and historical heritage that gives special energy, in them we hear the sound of our Latvian language, the message encoded in the songs has allowed them to survive and sound from generation to generation for centuries.”

The film’s creative team consists of director Māra Liniņa, artist Ūna Laukmane, creative producer Edmunds Jansons, experienced animators Mārtiņš Dūmiņš and Kristīne Zvirbule, while the animated characters in wool have been carefully created by animator Līva Piterāne. The lullaby in Aija, žūžū, bear children was sung by opera singer Kristīne Zadovska and actor Andris Keišs, the composer of the film is Jēkabs Nīmanis, and the sound director is Ģirts Bišs. Producers of the film – Sabine Anderson and Ieva Vaickovska.

The production of the film “Chuchi Chuchi” has been supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation. The film was nominated for the National Film Award “Kristaps the Great” in two categories – “Best Animated Film” and “Best Animated Film Artist”.


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