Health The American University in Cairo holds a seminar on...

The American University in Cairo holds a seminar on mental health in the time of “Corona”


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The American University in Cairo held, on Sunday, an online panel discussion entitled “Maintaining Psychological Calm in the Time of Corona”, in which Dr. Hani Henry, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the American University in Cairo participated, where the discussion addressed the most important advice to address anxiety and stress resulting from The spread of the new Corona virus.

“Henry” said that “the Corona crisis has strengthened attention to mental health, and the importance of referring to specialists with regard to the psychological symptoms caused by the crisis.” Noting that “stress, anxiety and negativity are contagious matters, and you may be affected by a complaint around you, but it should be clear with Yourself is what worries you. ”

Dr. Hani advised citizens to be exposed to a healthy percentage of news on Corona, and a small percentage of social media, saying: “Avoid social media and news channels in the hours before bed because they affect the quality of sleep and create disturbances.”

He added, “What the world is witnessing is a historical event, and I recommend dating it on a personal level by recording videos for our children and grandchildren to see.” He continued: “You can describe your feelings in a video and your witnesses in light of the global crisis, so that you can see them for your children and grandchildren later.” Stressing that it must be believed that «this situation will inevitably end».

Dr. Hani warned of “naive optimism”, but he pointed out that there are reasons for optimism such as the low level of global pollution, advising “not to conceal negative feelings from tension or frustration and express them naturally, but that we should not fall into the trap of spreading negative energy.”

He said that «the category of journalists carries a double-edged sword in front of the Corona pandemic, while writing news and reporting events related to the virus», explaining that there is no doubt that the image must be conveyed clearly and completely to the recipient, but with lessening the burden of fear or the psychological state of the reader or listener, by transferring what It happens abroad and that all countries participate in the same event, in addition to the existence of many recovery cases, even among the elderly.

Dr. Hani stressed that “the injury of a number of doctors and nurses at the National Cancer Institute affiliated with Cairo University had to be transferred to all from the principle of transparency, but it was better to transfer a picture of what is happening abroad from injuries affecting medical teams in the largest hospitals in the world.”

And the professor of psychology revealed that “the most complaints he receives during this period are related to symptoms and they are due to a lot of exposure to information about the virus.”



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