The African Cup started with a huge scandal

The Cameroon national team won 2-1 against Burkina Faso in the opening match of the Africa Cup. The guests took advantage of the meeting, but the Cameroon with two sold penalties from Vincent Aboubakar turned around before the break and then retained their advantage.

However, after the match, the Burkina Faso Football Association indicated filed a formal complaint to the African Federation (CAF) after the national team was forced to stand without five players who tested positive for the coronavirus.

Bertrand Traore sa federal captain called it a scandal that a medical team showed up at a hotel on Friday morning to test the frame, but one of them could not prove himself.

The team leadership contacted the CAF people and it turned out they were not sent by the association, so we refused to carry out the investigation. Another team arrived at 10pm, probably CAF people, the tests filtered out five cases, so Edmond Tapsoba, Oula Abass Traore, Soumaila Outtara, Saidou Simpore and Aboubacar Dango he was unable to play against Cameroon.

The Burkina Faso Association has good reason to doubt the reliability of the test results

He wrote in his official complaint Lazare Bansse President, adding, he believes serious anomalies are to be discovered as to the date of arrival, as players have been awakened from their sleep.

“Nevertheless, despite the obvious suspicion, we accepted the sampling out of respect for the CAF, but this situation is a threat to sports equality,” he added.

Bansse called on the African federation to have the tests done in an independent laboratory with team doctors, but his request fell on deaf ears.

Africa Cup, Group A, Round 1

Cameroon-Burkina Faso 2-1 (2-1)
goal: Aboubakar (40th, 45 + 3 – both out of 11) and Sangaré (24th)

Republic of Cape Verde – Ethiopia 1-0 (1-0)
goal: Tavares (45+1.)

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