That is how high the vaccination rate is in comparison

Comparison with other cities in the area
This is how Mönchengladbach is with the corona vaccinations

The vaccination rate in Vitusstadt is above the state and national average. But there are cities in the immediate vicinity that are better off.

Statistically speaking, 69.3 percent of Mönchengladbach’s residents are fully vaccinated – and 72.2 percent are at least once vaccinated. This emerges from the vaccination data published on Friday by the Robert Koch Institute. With a vaccination rate of around 69 percent, Vitusstadt is in the national average and is even better off compared to many surrounding cities and districts.

The districts of Viersen (66 percent of the population are fully vaccinated), Heinsberg (65.5) as well as the Rhein-Erft-Kreis (64) and the Rhein-Kreis Neuss (64.8) show lower values. The cities of Krefeld (72.5) and Düsseldorf (73.9) and also the district of Düren (71.1) are still ahead of Mönchengladbach with their vaccination rate.

With a few exceptions, the vaccination centers in North Rhine-Westphalia have been closed since October 1st. The facility in the Nordpark has also been closed. This does not seriously affect the vaccinations for the time being, but there is already a dampening of the number of vaccinations. This is shown by the figures that the North Rhine National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVNO) has been publishing online in its “Vaccination Monitoring” since the beginning of the month.

In the first week after the closure (week 40; October 4 to 10), 2148 vaccinations were carried out – 558 of them were first vaccinations. In the week before it was 3306 and in the four weeks before even more than 5,000. Since mid-August, more than 100 booster vaccinations have been carried out every week. In week 40 it was 280, in the week before 315.

Another look at the neighboring cities: In Krefeld, where the vaccination rate is already higher and only slightly fewer people live (260,000 in Mönchengladbach and 227,000 in Krefeld), 2,496 vaccinations were carried out in the past calendar week. In Düsseldorf (620,000 inhabitants) there were 8703 vaccinations during this period. Both cities are continuing to expand their lead over Mönchengladbach – even if vaccination is of course not a competition.

By the way: Most of the vaccinations in Mönchengladbach were given in the week from June 7th to 13th. At that time, 19,306 people were vaccinated – a quarter of them were first and three quarters of follow-up vaccinations.



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