Texas registers an unusual meteorological phenomenon and fish “rain” – El Sol de la Laguna

2021 was very crazy, and it ended the same. Weeks before the end of the year, in Texas An unusual weather event occurred, as citizens reported that it was raining fish and found remains of these species in their yards.


On December 29, residents of the city of Texarkana they reported small fish falling from the sky in what seemed like an unusual meteorological event.

By posting on Facebook, the city council confirmed that, for a few minutes, palm-sized fish fell along with the rain, explaining that they were possibly caught by a waterspout and fell to the ground when it lost strength.

Fish showers are an example of “rain of animals”, the authorities explained, and “although it is not common”They can occur when the weather is right and the fish are light enough. They also asked citizens to share photos of the fish they found on the ground.

Users wrote that the rain began around 4:30 p.m., when loud noises were heard and, looking outside, they saw the fish rush from the sky.


According to specialists, the “Rain of animals” It occurs when powerful jets of water are generated, starting in the air and descending towards the surface of the water.

As these waterspouts gain momentum, the vortex in the center of the waterspouts may begin to pick up small, light objects, including fish. And when the waterspout loses energy, those little objects fall back.

Air currents are also claimed to be more powerful than waterspouts and can sweep away animals larger than fish, such as birds, bats, frogs, and snakes.

And although the rain of animals from Texarkana may be one of the only recorded cases of this phenomenon in the state, in 2017 California experienced a similar situation, when officials from the elementary school in the city of Oroville reported that 100 fish fell from the sky on school property.


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