Tesla recalls 6,000 cars in US over brake issue

The American electric car maker has announced that an irregularity has been detected on the Model 3 and Y.

New reminder for Telsa. The American electric car maker, owned by eccentric Elon Musk, announced Wednesday, June 2, recalling nearly 6,000 cars in the United States after detecting a problem with the brakes. The group announces that the brake caliper bolts of certain Model 3s, marketed between 2019 and 2021, and of certain Model Ys, sold between 2020 and 2021, can come off, causing loss of tire pressure.

Already 158,000 cars recalled at the start of the year

The documents transmitted by Tesla to the United States Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA), however, point out that no accidents or injuries have been reported in connection with this problem. The company will inspect all of the brake caliper bolts on the recalled models, and replace them if necessary.

This is the second setback of its kind for the company with the record valuation. At the beginning of the year, at the request of the NHTSA, the group had to recall 158,000 cars. A request that would have been linked to a memory problem in the on-board computer, which could affect driving assistance, and therefore safety.


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