News Tesla plans superchargers on Mallorca and the Arctic Circle>...

Tesla plans superchargers on Mallorca and the Arctic Circle>


Tesla has missed its goal of 18,000 supercharger stations worldwide by the end of 2019, but the company is doing a lot to expand its charging network in line with the increasing spread of its electric cars. A lot of new superchargers have been put into operation in the last weeks of 2019, among them the first with the fast V3 technology in Europe, And at the beginning of the new year, Tesla updated its Supercharger overview map, which shows many other new locations.

This is what the blog Electrek pointed out, which first noticed the additions. The Supercharger network will become denser in the coming months, as announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, consequently in Eastern Europe, among others. There are said to be new stations in Poland, Russia and Ukraine, but the Baltic States are also getting superchargers – although the Tesla card does not always indicate a year for the opening in all cases.

But not only in Eastern Europe, something is happening to superchargers. According to the updated overview, the island of Mallorca, popular with German holidaymakers, will also have its first supercharger station by the end of 2020. Tesla is also showing a new supercharger location for Corsica for 2020, for Sardinia even two, both of which are due to open later this year. In addition, the northern countries of Europe are also being considered – according to Electrek, Norway, Sweden and Finland will have eight new Supercharger locations together in the Arctic Circle.

The information on the Tesla card does not indicate which generation of super batches should be at the respective locations. In March 2019, Tesla had the new one V3 generation with a charging capacity of up to 250 kilowatts presented, Subsequently, hardly any locations were realized with the new technology, but towards the end of 2019, the company was increasingly using V3 technology, including for one Route across Canada,


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