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Tesla buys Option for Texas, according to Musk more options >


The messages were almost correct: Tesla’ve bought a huge plot of land in Texas to build its next Gigafactory for the production of the cyber truck and Model Y for the US East coast, reported on Thursday a number of media. Only $ 5 million to Tesla to pay for the 850-acre site near the capital, and Tech-metropolis of Austin, it said. But the price sounds all Woo Tesla is exceptionally low – the 300 acres for Tesla’s German Gigafactory about cost a good 40 million euros. And in fact, corrected CEO Elon Musk reports soon: Tesla have not purchased a plot of land in Texas, but only one Option on it.

Texas early favorite for Tesla

That Tesla wants to build another Gigafactory in the United States, since the beginning of the year, as Musk on Twitter, a short “Giga Texas?” to the vote was. Later, he said, it is a location centrally located between the East and West coast, where Tesla Model Y, and the cyber truck wanted to build. Austin, Texas was considered the early favorite, also because Tesla has already Autopilot development. Many other States but want to Musks next factory also made, with generous funding Offered attention.

The city of Tulsa in Oklahoma are visible even for Tesla. They launched a Twitter and Web campaign for a “Big Fucking Field” close to you, it was made for the production of the cyber truck. At the end of may there was also a Tesla Corso, and the huge Statue of the Golden Driller in the old Oil city was decorated with the Tesla Logo and lettering.

Nevertheless, the Blog Electrek reported previously, Tesla had decided for Texas – with the surprising Information that the new Gigafactory should produce before the end of this year on a first production line Model Y. As shortly thereafter, other media, citing Tesla circles reported, including Tulsa was still in the race, remained Electrek at the time of its appearance, and wrote, Tesla wool hide such indiscretions only his true plans.

Tesla chief denies statements

The message of the $ 5 million for the land in Texas seemed to have this view to confirm first; they seemed to be based on application documents, which is now the Texas court of auditors published. Tesla is already in the process, to organize the relocation of another company on the site at Austin and the construction there, prepare, reported Electrek on Thursday for the official announcement, Tesla’m still waiting for the approval of all local authorities.

Thus, similar to other media reported, but reported one of the messages from CEO Musk then to word: Tesla was backed up (probably for the in the Reports referred to $ 5 million) only the right to buy the property in Texas, but still no use. Whether because Tulsa when Tesla was still in the race, wanted to know a user. “We are considering several options,” was Musk’s answer to that.


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