Business Tesla as least reliable automaker, study finds

Tesla as least reliable automaker, study finds


A panel of American motorists has named Tesla as the worst student among automakers in terms of reliability.

Tesla would have done well. After a particularly brilliant 2019 vintage with a jump in sales of 50%, the current year may well mark a real halt for the American manufacturer. A true institution in the United States, the JD Power study scratches the firm of Elon Musk by placing the brand’s models at the last place in terms of reliability, as the Argus reports.

Tesla sinks, Dodge and Kia shine

The score assigned by the firm takes into account the number of problems encountered by the 87,300 American motorists questioned during the first 90 days after delivery of the car. The result is final.

With a total of 250 anomalies noted on average per hundred cars, Tesla obtains the worst score fairly widely for its first participation. Next are Land Rover (228), Audi (225) and Volvo (210). Mitigating circumstance for Tesla: the manufacturer could not be noted in almost a third of the American states.

At the top of the ranking, Dodge (136), Kia (136), Chevrolet (141) and Ram (141) are favored by customers. Note that Toyota (177), in the soft belly, does not shine particularly while a recent investigation of Auto Plus crowned the Japanese manufacturer.

Bad time for Tesla. Another report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a United States federal agency responsible for road safety, implicates the automobile giant. Faults about the touch screen of his Model S are pointed out. This year alone, a dozen complaints would have been received by the federal agency.


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