Technology Telegram: WhatsApp competitor gets new functions due to corona...

Telegram: WhatsApp competitor gets new functions due to corona virus


Telegram is becoming increasingly popular as a messenger. And now the chat app scores with a new function that WhatsApp users are looking for in vain.

  • The messenger app Telegram has a new one for its users recently Update released.
  • Some Functions are especially during the Coronavirus pandemic practically.
  • Users of are looking for a brand new feature Whatsapp so far in vain.

Dortmund – Telegram was when Messenger so far rather an insider tip. But now he has WhatsApp competitor released an update that some users especially in the time of Corona virus could help, as published by *.

Telegram: WhatsApp competitor wants to make sorting chats possible

Regardless of whether it is for work, for parties or family groups – meanwhile it has almost become the standard in Germany for new meetings between several people groups at Messengers how Whatsapp or Telegram to create. That is especially during the Spread of Corona virus helpful. The logical consequence of this is: lose at some point Users the overview.

But while that User at Whatsapp So far, competitors have to search hard Telegram now with a new one function equipped with the world’s most popular Messenger has been sorely missed so far.

Telegram: Folder function should make sorting and grouping of chats possible

Because Users from Telegram are now intended for their different Chats suitable folder can create – similar to what you are used to from a PC. That reports the computer magazine chip. This way you can easily create the conversations yourself Categories sum up. This sorting option is under “Settings” in the App to find.

The folder-Function is part of the new, comprehensive Updates for the Chat app and should be available for Android as well as iOS and the web app on the desktop. who the Version 5.15 from Telegram installed, but can also find some other new ones Features looking forward.

Corona virus in North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany: Telegram offers helpful functions

Because in addition to redesignable profile pages, there should also be new animated emojis for them Users give. In addition, the function “People nearby” is said to have been improved.

This should make it very easy local groups to create what is currently in the times of Corona virus is practical.

In the video: Telegram and Co. – The best alternatives to WhatsApp

Simply select the “Find people nearby” option under “Contacts” and then click “Create one” group“click local group is afterwards for everyone Users of the Telegram app visible and can support those in need, for example, with purchases or with others helpers connect.

Coronavirus: Telegram wants to prevent fake news unlike WhatsApp

But the Spread of the corona virus in NRW and the other parts of Germany brings yet another innovation with yourself. Because while with the competitor only recently warned of chain letters that spread false messages about the corona virus in WhatsApp’s chats, this should now be at Telegram not happen.

The free one Messenger wants to help authorities to get the correct news about the Pathogen Sars-CoV-2 and the triggered by it Disease Covid-19 via the secured channels of the App spread, as it says on Twitter.

As another Highlight of the current Updates from Telegram those responsible have that Browsing customized. You no longer have to swipe the screen as before, instead users only have to tap the right or left of the screen. malm

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


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