Tel Aviv airport targeted for Hamas rockets, 3 of the largest US airlines suspend flights to Israel

Explosive smoke soared into the sky following Israeli air strikes on Gaza City, Thursday (13/5/2021). (Source: AP Photo / Hatem Moussa)

NEW YORK, KOMPAS.TV – The United States’ (US) three largest airlines, namely American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, suspended their flights to Israel following escalating violence in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Launch The Associated PressOn Thursday (13/5/2021), Israeli air strikes rained down on Gaza, and Palestinian militants, Hamas, in Gaza retaliated by firing a series of rockets at a number of targets in Israel, including the main airport in Tel Aviv.

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United Airlines canceled flights from Chicago, Newark and San Francisco until Saturday (15/5/2021). A spokesman said United Airlines was inviting passengers who had booked flight tickets to Tel Aviv until May 25 to change their travel plans without paying higher fares.

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American Airlines canceled their daily flights from New York to Tel Aviv on Wednesday (12/5/2021) and Thursday (13/5/2021), and offered replacement flight schedules at a later date. Delta Air Lines canceled all flights from New York to Tel Aviv until Thursday.

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