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Realteam Hydrogen Redline has won the virtual 24 hour race of Le Mans. Dutch sim racer Jeffrey Rietveld was one of the four drivers. F1 world champion Max Verstappen also took part, but crashed while his team was in the lead.

Fifty teams with a total of two hundred drivers took part in the virtual 24-hour race of Le Mans last weekend. Teams had to consist of four participants, of which at least two with an FIA racing license. Realteam Hydrogen Redline started the race from pole position thanks to a good qualification from Rietveld and completed 407 laps in 24 hours at the Le Mans circuit. Afterwards, the team had a lead of one minute and three seconds over the number two.

Realteam Hydrogen Redline started the race in the lead, but that position was already taken over by the competing Team Redline on the first lap, thanks to an overtake by F1 driver Max Verstappen. Team Redline was then in the lead until nightfall and after seven hours of racing Verstappen took his place again, writes Autosport in a report. After overtaking, he took an aggressive line across the kerbs into the Ford chicane, whereupon it spun and flew into the wall. The car lost two wheels and the team had to give up the race.

The virtual race was completed with racing simulator rFactor 2 and in the LMP class all teams had the same Oreca 07 race car. The winning team’s car was driven by Felipe Dugrovich, Olivier Rowland, Michal Smidl and Jeffrey Rietveld. Dugrovich is a Formula 2 driver and Rowland is competing in the Formula E Championship. Smidl and Rietveld are sim racers who compete in e-sports championships.

The race was the second official Le Mans 24-hour race and also the final of the 2021-2022 Le Mans Virtual Series season. That series was also won by Realteam Hydrogen Redline.

Highlights of the virtual race, with Verstappen’s crash around 1:50.

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