Tapia acknowledges that he is looking for local partners to avoid the closure of ITP

The Minister of Economic Development, Arantxa Tapia, acknowledged yesterday that the Basque Government is working with the central Executive to achieve an offer that provides “continuity guarantees” to the ITP Aero company in Euskadi, a process in which it is trying to involve local investors and in which, as indicated, “could participate” both the central and regional governments. The counselor did not detail which local investors she was referring to, but among them are, as this newspaper published yesterday, Aernnova, Aciturri, Indra, Gestamp, Sener and CAF. The latter has already replied that it is not interested in the operation. “The important thing is to provide us with a relevant and future-oriented project for ITP and we are working on that”, said the counselor. In this sense, he pointed out that work is being done to ensure that an offer with “guarantees” for the future and “continuity” of the project in Euskadi is transferred to Rolls-Royce, current owner of ITP.


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