Taliban Meets Afghan Resistance Leader Ahmad Massoud in Iran


Ahmad Shah Massoud Jr led the match against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Photo/REUTERS

TEHERAN – Tajik Ahmad Shah Massoud Jr and son of legendary military commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, arrived in Iran last November to meet Afghan resistance forces leader and former Afghan cabinet minister Ismail Khan.

Massoud was the last leader to leave Afghanistan after leading the anti-Taliban insurgency for several weeks.

The Taliban government called the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has assured insurgent leaders who fled the country that they would be safe if they returned to Afghanistan.

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The Taliban delegation, led by executor Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, met with opposition figures, including Ahmad Shah Massoud Junior and former Herat Governor Ismail Khan on Monday (10/1/2022) in Tehran, Iran.

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A Taliban delegation had arrived in Tehran on Saturday for talks with senior Iranian officials.

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“Yes, we have met commanders Ismail Khan and Ahmad Massoud in Iran. We have also met other Afghans. We assured them all that they can return and stay in Afghanistan without any worries,” Muttaqi said after the meeting.


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