Tali and Quali Show 2022, 3rd episode / Ranking: winner Gianfranco with Morandi

Tali and Quali Show 2022, the live broadcast of the third episode: live commentary

The time has come to find out the name of the winner of the third episode from Tali and Quali Show 2022. But first the imitators must assign five points to the most deserving competitors. Zucchero assigns his vote to Jovanotti, Arisa to Gianna Nannini, Gianna Nannini reciprocates with Arisa, Mika assigns five points to the Nomads, while Jovanotti gives them to Zucchero. And again: Nino D’Angelo to Gianna Nannini, Gaia to Mika, the Beatles to Gianni Morandi, Morandi to Nino D’Angelo, Augusto Daolio to Mercury, Mercury to Nino D’Angelo. And we finally get to the votes of the jurors, with the final ranking taking shape.

Per Lauretta, fourth special judge of the third episode, I am on the podium Mika, Zucchero, Gianni Morandi. For Goggi the first three are Gianni Morandi, Gianna Nannini, Zucchero. Panariello opts for Gianni Morandi, Gianna Nannini, Zucchero. Malgioglio for Gianni Morandi, Zucchero Gaia. The final ranking therefore sees in first place, as winner, Gianfranco Lacchi and his Gianni Morandi, second position for Simona Ranucci with Gianna Nannini and third place for Luca Sperindio with Zucchero. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)


A semi standing ovation for Vincenzo wearing the role of Freddie Mercury a Such and Quali Show 2022. A very respectable performance, engaging above all from a vocal point of view. Panariello is only partially convinced: “The voice was in fact replicated well but the physical shot was missing,” he says. Loretta Goggi disagrees with the colleague: “For me it was similar, but it lacked a bit of nerve”. How it will rank in the standings Vincenzo? Maybe the jurors will reward courage ,, what Malgioglio he says he really appreciates it: “It takes a lot, but I also noticed a great choreography. He did not out of tune, except in the final part “. With the imitation of the legendary Freddie Mercury, the roundup of performances of the third episode of Tali and Quali Show ends. The ball now passes to the jurors. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)


Francesca Carbonelli imitate Gaia with more lights than shadows. Dario, Guido, Theodorisio and Vittoria they are the Beatles instead. At least they try, with a thousand difficulties and the skepticism of one Malgioglio that at the end of their performance is expressed in no uncertain terms: “You destroyed them! There was none of them. I haven’t tried anything why do I have to lie?“. The audience rumbles towards Malgioglio, but perhaps he is not the only one to think so. “You reminded us of them, no more otherwise you would not sterilize boys but you would be the real Beatles “, the consideration of Panariello.

It’s up to Gianfranco Lacchi, who brings his tribute to Gianni Morandi to the stage. The competitor of Tali and Quali Show 2022 sings The Accordion: how will he fare? Physically and vocally it is quite similar to the original. But the wow effect is missing … (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)


Paolo Masi interprets Jovanotti and is perhaps the most disappointing competitor of this first round of performances a Tali and Quali Show 2022. Malgioglio doesn’t think twice about rejecting the willing imitator: “You did Jovanotti your way, even in a romantic way, but he’s not like that”, specifies the juror. After the commercial comes the moment of the elevator, with new candidates looking for space in view of the next episodes.

The impersonator of Francesco Bennato sparkles and immediately gets the yes of the jurors. The actual race returns with Matteo Vitolo who wants to imitate Nino D’Angelo. “I hope my mom is proud of me because I made it possible for her to live better since I became a wedding singer”, his words in the clip before the performance. How will he fare? (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)


Simona Ranucci imitate Gianna Nannini a Tali and Quali Show 2022. Visually she looks a lot like her, even without the help of talented make-up artists. But also with the voice, SIMON, he’s not doing badly at all. It is objectively the most surprising of the first three competitors, as the applausometer confirms. “You took all of her“, Says Goggi. “You hold the stage like her and it wasn’t easy,” she adds. Go on with Luca Buttiglieri, imitator of Mika.

He too, physically, remembers him very much. And he too, like Simona, gets along really well on stage. Another standing ovation, as well as “a beautiful choreography” according to the conductor Carlo Conti. Goggi was also captivated, exalting him by defining him as extraordinary. Cristiano Malgioglio sees the glass half empty: “Pleasant but not perfect”. The audience is not there and is roaring. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)


Luca Sperindio is a big fan of Sugar and wants to imitate him perfectly to win the pass for the final of Tali and Quali Show 2022. “It gives me great satisfaction to be here,” the contestant humbly says before taking the stage and delivering a fabulous imitation. “He was very good, but not only vocally, also the gesture of the arms and the smile. Here there is a job done well ”, confirms Loretta Goggi. Malgioglio positively surprised by the first competitor of the episode: “Sugar overwhelms you when he sings and this guy dragged me, he did really well. It is very sugary ”.

Panariello agrees with his colleagues and had a lot of fun: “Identical above all in the faces, Zucchero is his”. Victoria Violainstead, she wears the clothes of Arisa. A thunderous standing ovation arrives for her too. We got off to a really strong start in Tali and Quali, waiting for the other competitors who are looking really good. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)


New appointment with Carlo Conti and its NIP imitators for Tali and Quali Show 2022. The third episode will bring to the stage great imitations of international characters and singers: from Gianni Morandi to Freddie Mercury, passing through Nino D’Angelo, Jovanotti, Arisa, The Beatles, Gianna Nannini, Zucchero, Gaia and Mika. Which imitator will take home the third episode and join the finalists? We remind you that in the first two episodes i winners were Igor Minerva-Claudio Baglioni and Daniele Quartapelle-Renato Zero.

So tonight we will have another champion to win the pass for the final. There will also be a tribute to Augusto Daolio, the legendary singer of the Nomadi group. It’s time to get comfortable, the episode is about to begin. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)


Third appointment with “Tali and Quali 2022”, in the version dedicated to non-famous characters. The variety of Rai1 produced in collaboration with Endemol Shine Italy and conducted by Carlo Conti, will be broadcast with the third episode Saturday 22 January from 9.25pm. On stage, this week, the contestants will give life to performances that will see Gianni Morandi, Freddie Mercury, Zucchero, Gaia, Mika, Nino D’Angelo, Jovanotti, Arisa, The Beatles, Gianna Nannini personified (with the artist who is ” earned the seat ”during the elevator selection) and Augusto Daolio, legendary singer of the missing Nomads.

To the finalists Tali and Quali 2022, Igor Minerva who brought Claudio Baglioni to the stage and Daniele Quartapelle who instead held the role of Renato Zero, a third competitor will also join. Judges Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello, Cristiano Malgioglio and a fourth surprise judge will judge the performances of the competitors, who we will discover only this evening. The contestants will be made up as usual to resemble as much as possible the artists they will represent. Preparing them for their performances will be the “vocal coach” Maria Grazia Fontana, Dada Loi, Matteo Becucci and Antonio Mezzancella and the “actor coach” Emanuela Aureli. The arrangements are made by the master Pinuccio Pirazzoli.


The third episode of Tali and Quali 2022 is ready to begin. The third appointment with the program conducted by Carlo Conti will be visible tonight from 21:25. To follow the show, just connect live on the first channel, Rai Uno, and enjoy the show. Alternatively there is, of course, also the possibility of following the program in live tv video streaming, or, through the dedicated site, RaiPlay.it, then selecting Rai Uno, or through the specific application, available free of charge, for both Android and iOS operating systems. Furthermore, a few minutes after the end of the episode, Rai will publish the entire episode on Rai Play.

In the past few weeks, Tali and Quali 2022 has had a great success, despite the “opponent” C’e Posta per Te on Canale 5, led by Maria De Filippi. He will succeed Carlo Conti to repeat this time too?


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