Taiwan, the pandemic and the irrationality of the WHO

World Health Organization (OMS), which had to deal with the pandemic, became a political instrument, not a scientific one, to face this serious problem in an organized manner. In addition to hiding information about the Chinese origin of the virus, delaying the spread of information, and covering up the communist regime, he made irrational decisions.

One of them was to leave out Taiwan of the WHO itself, with which the Taiwanese nation was not affected, but the great advances, investigations and results that Taipei obtained since the very beginning of the pandemic were lost.

Taiwan has made rapid strides since learning of the virus, despite Communist China trying to cover it up. The Taiwanese government was the first to notify the existence of the virus and to warn of its danger. This speaks to the excellent medical and scientific infrastructure that that nation has developed. The results are in sight, the impact of COVID-19 in Taiwan was minimal.

The Taiwanese government wanted to collaborate in the pandemic; however, communist China vetoed its admission to the WHO and prevented this knowledge from being shared and disseminated. The veto had no arguments, since there are none. They preferred that mortality be expanded to accept the participation of those who were able to tame the pandemic from its beginning.

Right now Taiwan continues to invest in technological development, and has spectacular advances, such as a drug that prevents the spread of the virus, to stop the pandemic. It also has an efficient vaccine that has been accepted and used successfully in a dozen countries.

All the information collected and analyzed by Taiwan during the pandemic has been made available to the WHO; however, they have refused to include it in the analyzes made of other countries, absurdly.

International collaboration was necessary to confront COVID-19, so there is no argument to explain how Taiwan’s contribution to the global fight against the pandemic is rejected. The only explanation is the capricious communist veto, which deprives even its own population of elements to protect their health and lives.

Despite the fact that Taiwan maintains an important structure to analyze the virus and its variants, access to the information that is being processed in the WHO is prevented.

For the sake of the Taiwanese, and the entire world, it is important that the WHO changes its position and allows Taiwan to participate in technical, scientific, medical and technological forums, to share the successes that have been achieved during the pandemic and that they can still save lives and prepare the world for the next pandemics.

The democratic governments of the world must put the interests of their citizens above the threats of the Chinese dictatorship and once and for all accept Taiwan as part of the international community, especially in the organizations responsible for human health.

* René Bolio is president of the Mexican Commission of Human Rights AC

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