Until February 14, 2022, Buy Xiaomi 11T Bonus Redmi Buds 3 Lite

loading… Purchase of Xiaomi 11T can be done on offline or online channels. Photo: dock Xiaomi Indonesia JAKARTA – Xiaomi Indonesia special offer for Mi Fans in early 2022. Every purchase of a flagship phone Xiaomi 11T will get a Redmi Buds 3 Lite bonus for free. This offer is available from January 15-14 February […]

Xiaomi 11T Pro 120W Camera, Performance, Screen and Hyper Charge Review

loading… Not a few features that the Xiaomi 11T Pro has are actually better than most of the flagship phones on the market today. Photo: Sindonews/danang Arradian JAKARTA – Xiaomi 11T Pro is a cell phone mid-range flagship taste. So, those who are used to flagship phones will not feel “downgraded” when using this phone […]

5 Reasons Xiaomi 11T Series Becomes the Best Gift at the End of the Year

loading… The Xiaomi 11T series is suitable for those who want to upgrade to a new phone at the end of the year. Photo: Sindonews/Danang Arradian JAKARTA – Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro can be a beautiful end-of-year gift for those who want to gift themselves with a new cell phone to welcome the […]

Review of Xiaomi 11T Pro, Satisfying for a High-End Flagship Price of IDR 7 Million

Jakarta: Xiaomi is still consistently playing in sophisticated products at affordable prices compared to its competitors. This principle is still carried over to their high-end flagship smartphones including those that use Snapdragon 888, Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset on the market. One smartphone that has just been released is the Xiaomi 11T Pro, different from the […]

4 Reasons Xiaomi 11T Pro is Suitable for Making YouTube Videos

loading… The Cinematic Toolkit feature on the Xiaomi 11T Pro makes it easy for users to create cinematic videos with simple steps. Photo: Sindonews/Danang Arradian JAKARTA – Greatness Xiaomi 11T Pro not only comes from his photography skills alone. However, the smartphone is also superior when used to record video. In fact, the video recording […]

5 features of the Xiaomi 11T Pro that make competitors feel inferior

loading… The Xiaomi 11T Pro is priced at IDR 7 million and IDR 7.5 million with competitive features in its price range. Photo: Sindonews/Danang Arradian JAKARTA – Mengusung label ”Work Your Magic”, Xiaomi 11T Pro equipped with various features that make competitors in its class inferior. Because, a lot of flagship specifications are embedded in […]