West declares “total, hybrid war” to Russia – Russian Foreign Minister

According to Sergei Lavrov, the people of the Russian Federation are no strangers to sanctions. Russia believes that the West has declared a “hybrid war” on it / photo ua.depositphotos.com AT Russia stated that Western countries have declared a “total, hybrid war” to the Russian Federation. And how long it will last is still unknown. […]

Russia will use nuclear weapons in one case

The Russian deputy named the condition under which the authorities would allegedly take such a step. Zhuravlev threatens to use nuclear weapons / photo: URA.RU Russia may be the first to apply nuclear weapon – in the case of “a real threat to the existence of the country.” This statement was made in an interview […]

Erdogan on Finland’s and Sweden’s aspirations for NATO – UNIAN

According to him, Turkey is following the developments. We do not evaluate positively: Erdogan on the aspirations of Finland and Sweden to join NATO / photo from UNIAN, Andriy Krymsky The President Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was not positive about NATO’s decisions on Finland and Sweden. This is reported by Reuters. “We are […]

Ukraine in the EU – Russia changed its position and opposed – UNIAN

Dmitry Polyansky does not see diplomatic possibilities for resolving the situation around Ukraine. Polyansky said that Moscow is already against Ukraine’s accession to the EU / photo REUTERS The position of the Russian Federation on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union has changed. Moscow’s new opinion about the EU is similar to the position on […]

Ukrainian woman attacked at Immortal Regiment action in Madrid (video) — UNIAN

The woman was taken away by law enforcement officers to joyful exclamations. Screenshot Arrested in Madrid Ukrainianwhich came out with a poster for the action “Immortal Regiment”. Video of the incident has been posted on social media. On them you can see how a woman stands with a poster “Russians, why are you killing us?” […]

in Poland reacted to the action with the Russian ambassador “in the blood” – UNIAN

The Polish authorities did not recommend the Russian ambassador to lay flowers on May 9 in Warsaw. The Polish authorities did not recommend the Russian ambassador to lay flowers on May 9 in Warsaw / photo: screenshot AT Poland called “understandable” the reaction of Ukrainians and Ukrainian women to the Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergei […]

in the United States spoke about a protracted war in Ukraine – UNIAN

The US Ambassador to the UN emphasized that the President of the Russian Federation did not announce the withdrawal of troops in his speech. Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS Russian President’s speech Vladimir Putin at a military parade in Moscow on May 9 showed that he had no reason to declare victory in Ukraine. US […]

Bulgaria threatens to block EU oil sanctions against Russia – UNIAN

The country wants the European Union to agree to exceptional terms for buying Russian oil for it. Bulgaria wants an exception due to the embargo on Russian oil / photo ua.depositphotos.com Bulgaria has threatened to block a new package of European Union sanctions against Russia unless an exception is made for buying Russian oil. This […]