Russia will make the whole world starve

In the West, on the eve of the spring sowing season, they noticed the “elephant”, which had been stubbornly ignored until then: we are talking about future harvest problems that will be caused by shortages or high prices of fertilizers. Interestingly, almost simultaneously, this problem was noticed by such media giants as The Wall Street […]

Ukrainians leave the country en masse after the holidays

“At checkpoints, an increase in passenger traffic is recorded. Exit of citizens from Ukraine prevails over entry, especially on the border with EU countries,” the message says. The border guards noted that the increase in passenger traffic is mainly due to the increase in the number of Ukrainians traveling abroad after the winter holidays. Queues […]

Russia to host two major military exercises next year

Photo: Reuters (archived photo) Russians will conduct large-scale exercises in 2022 The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will also conduct the strategic exercise Vostok-2022 and command-staff maneuvers of the troops of the Western Military District. In the west of Russia next year, a command and staff exercise of the two armies is planned, as […]

Storm warning announced in Ukraine

Bad weather in Ukraine Wind gusts of up to 20 meters per second are expected in the western region of the country. I level of danger has been declared. A storm warning has been announced in Ukraine due to strong winds. The warning was issued for the western regions of the country. It is reported […]

The magic of cinema in a home

Almería became a magical and natural film set, where the main film production companies moved, attracted by its singular and unique landscape, along with the “color of Almería”: the Tabernas Desert, the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, highlighting , above all, the coves of Mónsul and Genoveses. People such as Níjar, Mojácar, Uleila del Campo, […]

Merkel: No country in the Western Balkans is ready for EU membership

Angela Merkel PHOTO: Reuters It turned out that there is a discrepancy in the positions of Germany and France on the topic of accession of the countries of the Western Balkans to the EU. During the summit in Slovenia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that none of the countries in the region is ready for […]

Iran made concessions to the IAEA

Raphael Grossi meets with Mohammad Eslami in Tehran Following the visit of the head of the IAEA to Iran, the Western powers must decide whether to increase pressure on Tehran. Iran will allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to maintain surveillance cameras at its nuclear facilities. This is reported on the site organization on […]

Yellow code for storms and hail in half of Bulgaria

FACSIMILE: NIMH Before noon on Wednesday it will be mostly sunny with temporary increases in cloudiness over the western regions and in isolated places it will rain and thunder, NIMH reports. Around and in the afternoon, with the penetration of relatively cool air in more places in the northwestern half of the country, cumulus and […]

Borel: Evacuation of Afghan personnel from Kabul by August 31 is impossible

Josep Borrell PHOTO: Reuters European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell called it impossible to evacuate all Afghan aid workers to Western countries before August 31st. In an interview with AFP, he expressed regret that US security measures at Kabul airport make such an evacuation difficult, BTA reported. The US administration has set a deadline of August […]