US and Kremlin scenarios for May 7 and 9 – important dates for Putin

Western forecasts: Ukraine capitulates on May 7, if not, the leader of Russia declares war on May 9 in Kyiv and The “world Nazis”, which can to lead to a third world Moscow: This is nonsense! Vladimir Putin has ordered his generals to achieve victory in Ukraine by May 7. According to Ukrainian sources, this […]

London erases William Gladstone, Bulgaria’s friend, from history

London plans to erase the great William Gladstone from its history. A poll is currently being conducted on how to rename the park in the western part of the city, which covers 86 acres of land. Thus, the politician, who ruled for 4 terms as prime minister, will be erased from the map of the […]

Military Commander in Western Ukraine: Thousands return from abroad despite the war

Ukrainians fleeing the war. PHOTO: Reuters Despite the war, thousands of Ukrainians are returning home from abroad, and in the region of the western city of Lviv alone, 19,000 people have crossed the border in 24 hours, regional military commander Maxim Kozitsky said on Facebook, DPA reported. This means that more Ukrainians entered the country […]

Russian missiles fly to Poland, dozens killed (Overview)

Medics help a soldier wounded in the Yavorov attack. PHOTOS: Reuters A journalist from the USA was killed near Kyiv, his colleague was injured Russia has launched a massive attack near Poland, Reuters reported. This came after rocket attacks began for the first time on Saturday night near the western Ukrainian city of Yavoriv, ​​10km […]

Russia’s foreign intelligence chief: The West wants to destroy Russia

Sergei Naryshkin PHOTO: Reuters The United States and its Western allies want to destroy Russia, according to the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin, BTA reported. “The masks have fallen. The West does not just want to surround Russia with a new Iron Curtain,” he said. “We are talking about attempts to destroy […]

Putin hid his family in an underground city in Siberia

Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin has hidden his family members in an underground city in Siberia, a Russian professor was quoted as saying by Western media. Political scientist Valery Solovey reveals that it is a luxury bunker in the Altai Mountains, which looks like an underground city and is designed for nuclear war. He did not […]

Ukrainian forces repel a Russian attack near Lviv

The war in Ukraine PHOTO: Reuters Ukrainian forces have repulsed a Russian attack near the western city of Brody in the Lviv region, the mayor of Lviv said today in a telegram chat service, Reuters and BTA reported. “Russians landed in three helicopters near Brody at 9 a.m. About 60 people,” said Mayor Andriy Sadovi. […]

Insurers suspend flights over Ukraine, Kiev sees no point (Overview)

Putin warned Biden of a future conflict between Moscow and NATO As of Monday, Ukraine’s airspace will be effectively closed to air traffic due to the actions of Western insurance companies, the website reported. “No plane will take off or land in Ukraine from around midday on Monday,” said an insurance company spokesman. The […]

Russian Foreign: The West is sowing lies that we are planning an invasion of Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. Western countries are using the media to spread false information, hinting that Russia may plan to invade Ukraine. This was announced by the Russian Foreign Ministry, quoted by Reuters. According to the ministry, Western countries are trying to divert attention from their own aggressive actions. The United States and […]