Kuleba called two problems with the supply of weapons

Dmitry Kuleba named the weapons Ukraine needs The situation with the supply of weapons has improved significantly, but problems with the MLRS and aviation still need to be addressed. Ukraine needs multiple rocket launchers and aviation. On Friday, May 13, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said this at a meeting with representatives […]

Here is what Ukrainian pride may be decisive for the outcome of the war

The railway in Ukraine has become a real symbol of Ukrainian resistance. The outcome of the war will largely depend on its serviceability. It is no coincidence that Russia is furiously attacking stations, substations and bridges, writes “Deutsche Welle“. Trains on the Ukrainian Ukrzaliznytsia railway still run almost regularly, although Russian troops have significantly stepped […]

Hristo Ivanov: DB raises a red flag, nothing keeps us in the coalition

Hristo Ivanov / Staff: BTV The coalition has reached its conceptual ceiling. So far we have not allowed ourselves to knock on the table and draw red lines. But it is time to raise a red flag. I do not want to shake the government and twist my arms, although it is profitable. the coalition […]

Ukraine has already received more than 70 M777 howitzers from the US – Pentagon

Photo: Frame from video US sends howitzers to Ukraine The Pentagon noted that more than 220 Ukrainian servicemen have already been trained in the rules for operating these howitzers. The United States has already transferred 80% of the M777 long-range howitzers, which are part of the agreed military aid package, to the Ukrainian military. About […]

Nuclear bunker construction spikes as Russo-Ukrainian war sparks fear across Europe

BERLIN, KOMPAS.com – Companies across Europe report a sharp increase in bunker-building demand nuclear or bomb shelterbecause residents are worried about the possible use weapon nuclear in war Russia–Ukraine. Residents in Germany, Switzerland, France and the UK are increasingly seeking information on how to build and buy shelters, amid fears that the war could spread […]

The United States approved a lend-lease for Ukraine – Politics – tsn.ua

On April 28, the U.S. House of Representatives Rules Committee approved the lend-lease bill for Ukraine. The full name of the document is act S. 3522 – Law on lend-lease in defense of democracy in Ukraine (The Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022). “The House passed the Lend-Lease Law of 2022 S. 3522 – […]

Germany gives heavy weapons to Ukraine, Medvedev with a lightning comment

The German parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine. With 586 votes in favor, Bundestag deputies approved sending Ukraine heavy weapons such as tanks and air defense systems, Labor. Germany initially refused to send any offensive weapons to Ukraine, but later avoided sending heavy military equipment such as armored vehicles. Under […]