The unshakable tandem of Cyril and Assen broke, that’s what happens

The meeting for the establishment of the political party “We continue the change” is postponed – it will not be on Wednesday, it will probably be on Friday, but it is not quite certain, I learned from an informed source. This is what the journalist Sonya Koltuklieva wrote in her personal Facebook profile, quoted by […]

Stefan Yanev: I saw the war in Ukraine at the end of last year

Stefan Yanev Former acting Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Stefan Yanev commented on the withdrawal of the candidate of “We continue the change” for BNB Governor – Andrei Gyurov. “This is an illustration of how the coalition works, or rather does not work,” he said, adding that there is inconsistency in actions and messages […]

Borissov surprisingly gathers GERB deputies in Haskovo (Live)

Boyko Borissov gathered the entire GERB parliamentary group in Haskovo. 350 people are present in the theater hall. There are only winners in this hall. A woman asked me who voted for “We continue the change.” I thought, because I don’t see any. Do you remember how we lined up during the pandemic and you […]

Two MPs from “We continue the change” resign

Lena Borislavova PHOTO: Facebook Two of the deputies of “We continue the change” – Lena Borislavova and Yana Balnikova, resigned and left parliament. This is clear from the program for Wednesday’s sitting, published on the website of the National Assembly. The first point of the work of the parliament is to vote for the termination […]

Only Asen Vassilev and Boyko Rashkov are sure of ministers, the others will agree

There should be a regular government within two weeks. “We continue the change” will nominate a prime minister, but it is uncertain whether it will be Kiril Petkov Within two weeks, there should be a new coalition government of “We continue the change”, “There is such a people”, BSP and “Democratic Bulgaria”. This is the […]