New Study Says Water on Earth May Come From the Sun

According to astronomers, solar radiation may have created water on the surface of dust grains carried by an asteroid that hit Earth billions of years ago. When solar wind interacting with tiny dust particles found on certain asteroids, can create small amounts of water. Most modern models suggest that most of the water (H2O) on […]

The Origin of Water on Earth Revealed, Could Come from the Sun – New research entitled Solar Wind Contributions to the Earth’s Oceans published in Nature Astronomy reveal that water on Earth probably from Sun. The Earth is covered in water with more than 70 percent of its surface consisting of oceans, making the Earth richer in water than any other planet in the solar system. […]

Experts Research the Origin of Water on Earth in Relation to the Sun’s Wind

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Where does the ocean come from Earth? Where does the Earth get its water supply from? The basic questions of mankind are now beginning to be answered through research results. For the past few years astronomers have theorized that asteroids and comets deposited water on Earth’s surface during the planet’s early […]

Scientists Solve the Secret Water on Earth Comes from the Sun, Really?

JAKARTA – A new study reveals that water on Earth may have come from the Sun. Scientists have long struggled to figure out where it all came from. One of the factors that started this research because the Earth is covered by water with more than 70 percent of its surface consisting of oceans. This […]