Heavily pregnant on the cover of Vogue, no one does that better than Rihanna

During the fashion weeks in Paris, Rihanna proudly showed her pregnant belly once again. Now she is pregnant on the cover of May in Vogue. ‘My body is doing amazing things, I’m not ashamed of that,’ says Rihanna in the interview with Vogue† Hand on hip, Rihanna looks into the lens of photographer Annie Leibovitz […]

Safety, temperatures, beaches … Why Dubai is the popular destination

Dubai was sand and desert half a century ago. Today, this city is looking for superlatives. The tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, stretches across its sky, the largest ferris wheel spins around its marina, the most luxurious hotel in the world – and its seven stars – is located there, everything like […]

Billie Eilish starred for the first time for gloss

The popular American singer has appeared in an unusual way, starring for the June Vogue UK. American singer Billie Eilish first appeared in a candid photo shoot for gloss. She published a photo in Instagram. “I love these photos, .. Do whatever you want, when you want. Fuck everything else,” she captioned one of the […]

The Guatemalan designer who imposes his style in New York

The Guatemalan designer, Joseph Reyes, It has become one of the most important in recent times, as it has managed to carry out work for houses such as Tiffany Y Fendi, and stand out on the portal Vogue. The designer moved to the United States in 2018 and in a short time he has managed […]

[사회]The possibility of a March pandemic due to the spread of mutation…”Strengthening the management of immigrants”

Government “Possibility of a pandemic in March and April… Response may become more difficult” In order to delay the size and timing of the outbreak as much as possible, strengthening the monitoring of mutations “Mutant group infection by violating self-proprietary rules… strengthening quarantine supervision” [앵커] Concerns about the March/April pandemic are growing due to the […]

Romeo Beckham makes his cover debut for Vogue

January 20, 2021 Romeo Beckham, 18-year-old second son of David and Victoria, made his debut as a model for Vogue. Oxygenated hair, as the trend imposes, intense and fascinating, Romeo confirms himself as the most beautiful of the family, incredibly similar to mother Vic. Taken on a cold London day just before Christmas, the new […]

Kamala Harris on the cover of Vogue: ‘Unprofessional and slut …

Kamala Harris, the upcoming vice president of the United States, graces the cover of the American Vogue. But that turns out not to be the cover that both parties had agreed on. Moreover, many twitterers found the final choice to be of little good taste in the fashion magazine. Melania Trump did not get a […]

Fashion magazine Vogue gets caught up in controversy over cover photo of Harris’ vice president-elect

Various controversies such as whitewashing and underlevel Cover photo of US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, released by fashion magazine Vogue next month. (Photo = Vogue Twitter) [아시아경제 정현진 기자] The cover photo of the fashion magazine’Vogue’ showing the appearance of the US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was caught in various controversies. There are controversy that […]

Ashley Graham “lit” her breasts in a photo shoot for Vogue

Photo: instagram.com/ashleygraham Ashley Graham took part in a photo shoot for Vogue Italy The well-known puffy model took part in the shooting of the Fendi brand’s special project for Vogue Italy. Famous plus-size model Ashley Graham took part in the Fendi brand photo shoot for Vogue Italy. The star shared pictures on Instagram. Together with […]