I regret knowing that this is what the yellow sticker page is for at BPKB

Otoseken.id – I’m sorry I just found out, it turns out that this is what the yellow sticker page is for Vehicle BPKB. Have you ever thought about it, in the Motor Vehicle Owner’s Book (BPKB) there is a page that looks like a sticker, what is its function, can it be torn or peeled? […]

Tips to Buy a Used Motorcycle, Here Are the Features of the Piston Ring Starting to Weak

Ryan/gridoto The motor piston ring is already weak GridOto.com Buying tips used motorcycles this time discussing the question of characteristics ring piston weak start. Weak piston rings are indeed one of the diseases to watch out for when buying a used motorcycle. Moreover, used motorbikes whose years of use or kilometers are already quite high. […]

2006 Used Yamaha RX-King Motorcycle Auction Only Rp 7 Million, Brush Bro!

Lelang.go.id The State Wealth Service and Auction Office (KPKNL) will auction a 2006 used Yamaha RX-King motorbike for only Rp. 7 million, bro! MOTOR Plus-online.com – The State Property and Auction Service Office (KPKNL) will auction used motorcycles Yamaha RX-King 2006 alert is only Rp 7 million, brush bro! Yamaha RX-King The white color will […]