Deeply shocked by the photos of civilians killed in Bucha / GORDON

“I am deeply shocked by the photographs of civilians killed in Bucha, Ukraine. It is imperative that an independent investigation lead to effective accountability,” he said. Context: After liberation of the Kiev region from Russian invaderswhich the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced on April 2, in the settlements of the region hundreds of dead […]

UN will investigate Russian war crimes

Фото: Getty Images The UN formed a commission to investigate Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine The UN believes that Russia’s indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian territory can be equated with war crimes. President of the UN Human Rights Council Federico Villegas has appointed three members of the commission to investigate military and other crimes committed by […]

Ukraine recalls more than 300 peacekeepers – UN – Ukraine News, Politics

Ukraine has submitted a request for the withdrawal of 308 peacekeepers. They are located in Cyprus, as well as in Kosovo, Mali, South Sudan and Abyei (a disputed region with large deposits of oil in Sudan, which is also claimed by South Sudan), reported Stéphane Dujarric, press secretary of the organization. According to him, among […]

“For the defense of the state.” Zelensky recalls Ukrainian peacekeepers from all missions in which they participate

“Zelensky decided to withdraw Ukrainian peacekeepers – highly professional military – from all missions in the world. Together with equipment. To strengthen our army now in repelling Russian aggression,” he wrote. Sibiga showed a signed presidential decree. There is no date or number on the document. “Recall the national contingent and national personnel who take […]

China says ready to help end war in Ukraine

Photo: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi The Chinese Foreign Ministry assured that they intend to make every effort to end the war through diplomacy, including as a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba had a telephone conversation with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. On Tuesday, March 1, the […]

The US Embassy recommended that Ukrainians travel to Romania, Slovakia and Hungary

“The number of refugees from Ukraine who have moved to Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and other countries is increasing and amounts to 368 thousand people. The governments and peoples of these countries welcome the refugees. Now it is urgent to share this responsibility in specific ways,” Grandi said. The number of refugees from Ukraine who […]

It became known the time of the meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine

UN Security Council to discuss situation around Ukraine The meeting was initiated by the Ukrainian side. According to preliminary information, it will be open. The UN Security Council will meet at 4:30 am Kyiv time on Thursday, February 24. About it informs CNN. According to media reports, the meeting is scheduled for 21:30 New York […]

Kiev demands to urgently convene a meeting of the UN Security Council

Фото: Getty Images UN Security Council meeting The United States supports Ukraine’s initiative and says that no one can be left behind in this crisis. In connection with Russia’s recognition of the “LPR” and “DPR”, Ukraine demands to convene a meeting of the UN Security Council. About this on the night of Tuesday, February 22, […]