The sport has lost a legendary and scandalous boss

The world of sports has lost one of its legendary and most scandalous bosses. Former member of the leadership of the International Athletics Federation and the European Athletics Union Ilka Kanerva has died at the age of 74. The cause of his death was an illness, the nature of which has not been officially announced. […]

A young man died hours after visiting his home hospital, he was found healthy

The goalkeeper of FC Spartak (Shtarkovo) Todor Milushev died at the age of 29, hours after he was taken to hospital due to a seizure, but was discharged from the medical institution due to lack of a problem, Maritsa reports. The most probable cause of death of the young man was a heart attack. Yesterday […]

Captain Marleau remains in the lead, slight drop for “Mask Singer”

Audiences on Friday April 15, 2022 for programs broadcast in the first part of the evening. 6.26 million viewers last week (30.2%) for a new episode. 4.56 million for a replay this Friday. The successful series of France 2 Captain Marleau, which stars Corinne Masiero, continues to race in the lead. Still quite far ahead […]

why Adam Nourou revolutionized the Spanish Caesars

Two French people joined season 5 ofElite launched last Friday on Netflix. If the presence in the casting of an actress of tomorrow belongs to us (TF1) caused a lot of talk, the second French representative, unknown to the general public in France, has nevertheless managed to mark the history of Spanish cinema. Seen only […]

What audience and which eliminated for the launch of season 3?

TF1 launched yesterday, Friday April 1, season 3 of “Mask Singer”. In this entertainment hosted by Camille Combal, investigators Alessandra Sublet, Jarry, Kev Adams and Anggun must unmask the twelve celebrities who are hiding under costumes, each more crazy and surprising than the next. Note that this season will welcome among its cast two international […]

Programme TV – Angels in America

Angels in America – Photo 1 Informations Genre : Theater Year : 2021 With: Jérémy Lopez, Michel Vuillermoz, Florence Viala, Jennifer Decker, Christophe Montenez, Clément Hervieu-Léger… Summary of Angels in America New York, 1985. Against the backdrop of AIDS, this teeming play brings together angels elaborating on the vacuity of the American dream, the ghost […]

Jeanfi Janssens emotionally evokes the war in Ukraine in “Vivement Dimanche”

Invited on March 13 in Michel Drucker’s weekly program on France 2, the comedian could not hide his sadness by talking about the invasion of his country of origin. From laughter to tears. The atmosphere between the guests – Stéphane Plaza, Valérie Mairesse, Jeanfi Janssens – and their host Michel Drucker was nevertheless jovial on […]

Horror! He crushed a tree and killed a famous champion

Multiple European logging champion Martin Komarek has died in an accident in which a falling tree crushed him in the woods near the Czech town of Milevsko. The incident was reported by his logging team “The Original Extreme Sport”. Rescue teams, firefighters and a helicopter were sent to the scene, but they were unable to […]

The Maestro tells how she found herself making pancakes for a celebrity!

Last Friday in Do not forget the lyrics, we had the right to new surprising moments, the kind that we would not suspect! Jocelyne, the current maestro, told Nagui how she met a famous presenter on a set and how she ended up making pancakes for him. The candidate took her ease on the set […]

Law & Order: SVU – series-tv on Télé 7 Jours

The Dick Wolf series New York Special Unit, propels viewers into the American justice system. At the heart of The Big Apple, a special unit investigates sex crimes and supports victims. TF1 has been offering you the opportunity to follow the daily lives of these inspectors for 11 years now. The Big Apple véreuse “In […]