Severe Headaches Can Also Attack the Face, Watch Out This Is Dangerous!

Jakarta – Some people experience headache in the front area. Because it is considered a normal headache, this headache is allowed to go on for a long time. One possible cause is trigeminal neuralgia. Is it dangerous? Neurosurgery specialist, Dr Mustaqim Prasetya, SpBS, FINPS, explained trigeminal neuralgia is pain on one side of the face, […]

Trigeminal Neuralgia, Extreme Pain in the Face That Makes Patients Suicide

Many sufferers of trigeminal neuralgia facial pain are of childbearing age. Repeated attacks of severe pain not only cause suffering but interfere with work productivity because the sufferer is unable to do anything but endure pain. Lack of support from the people around them, including family, because people with trigeminal neuralgia look physically healthy making […]