Nord Stream 2 may be commissioned without obtaining a certificate – media

In particular, there have been similar examples of gas pipeline launches in the past – they were originally commissioned without obtaining the North European Gas Pipeline (NEL) certificate and the EGL 401 gas pipeline. Moreover, the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 will save Russian Gazprom “Transit fees for pumping gas through the territory of Ukraine,” […]

Shmygal described the desired contract with Gazprom

Ukraine wants a long-term gas contract Ukraine is ready to halve the gas transit tariff after 2024 and conclude a contract for 15 years. The Ukrainian authorities are counting on extending the gas contract with Gazprom for another 15 years and are ready to reduce transit tariffs. Prime Minister Denis Shmygal spoke about the desired […]

Lukashenko has threatened to cut off gas to the EU

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko threatened on thursday that will interrupt the transit of gas through the country to the European Union in response to expanding sanctions from the bloc against representatives of Belarus, reports TASS. He also said that Belarus was ready to respond emphatically to the new sanctions, even to completely close the […]

Ukraine offers Gazprom a 50% discount on gas transit to Europe

Natural gas Photo: Archive Ukraine is offering Gazprom a 50 percent discount on gas transit to Europe above the 40 billion cubic meters a year that Ukraine already transports to Europe from Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an e-mail comment to Bloomberg News. BTA reported. He added that additional capacity would also be […]

The operator of the gas transmission system announced the manipulation of Gazprom

Photo: Sergey Makogon / Facebook Since October 1, Gazprom has reduced gas transit to 86 million cubic meters, although it pays for 109 million Gazprom often does not use transit capacities that have already been paid for. And not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries, Sergei Makogon noted. Russian monopoly Gazprom has cut […]