The Main Cause Of The Bogor Peak Route Totally Congested Last Weekend

JAKARTA, – Region Peak BogorWest Java has become a trending topic and viral on social media, due to a fairly severe traffic jam since Sunday (27/2/2022), until Monday (28/2/2022). A number of netizens also complained about the traffic jam situation, they admitted that they were stuck from day to night in the city track […]

Public prosecutor wants to publish pictures of perpetrators

At the end of January, an unknown person pushed a man onto a track at Olten train station. Now pictures of the alleged perpetrator are to be made public. At the end of January 2022, a man was pushed onto a track at Olten station by an unknown person. The victim was unharmed. – Keystone […]

In Russia told about the US reconnaissance plane over Ukraine

Photo: US Air Force / Flickr United States Air Force U-2S reconnaissance aircraft Russian troops “continue to monitor aggressive US military activity in the Black Sea region.” The US Air Force U-2S reconnaissance aircraft conducted reconnaissance of the Russian border from the territory of Ukraine. This was stated in the Russian Ministry of Defense, writes […]

The Scorpions released a song and video

Scorpions have released a new song The track will appear on Rock Believer’s 19th studio album, due out February 25, 2022. Legendary rock band Scorpions presented a new video for the song Peacemaker from their new album Rock Believer, the release of which is scheduled for the end of February 2022. The musicians announced this […]

Two trucks collided on the Kiev-Odessa highway, one driver burned out

Photo: NPU Fatal accident with trucks occurred on the Kiev-Odessa highway On this section of the road, car traffic is limited, in the direction of Odessa it is carried out along one lane. In the Odessa region, on the 451th kilometer of the Kiev-Odessa highway, a truck collided with a large-sized vehicle, which was parked […]

An accident with a minibus happened on the Kiev-Odessa highway, people died

On the Kiev-Odessa highway, a truck collided with a regular bus: two people died, six were injured The driver of a MAN truck, moving towards the capital, collided with a regular bus, which was driving in front of him. On the Kiev-Odessa highway, a truck collided with a regular bus. Previously, two people died, six […]

In China, they began to sew microchips into the uniform of schoolchildren

Фото: Getty Images Chinese schoolchildren As part of the experiment, parents and teachers will be able to track the location of their children in real time. As an experiment, an elementary school in Zhuhai, China, began to sew microchips into the clothes of schoolchildren to track their movements. It is reported by France Info. The […]