Bioshock The Collection gratis via Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store continues its mega-area by giving away another great game at no cost to its users. This time it’s about the game collection Bioshock The Collection. The collection contains Bioshock Remastered, Bioshock 2 Remastered and Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition. The games also come with all the downloadable add-ons. Bioshock is a series […]

Best sandwich grill in test 2022 – for perfect hot sandwiches

Hot sandwiches can be the comfort of the hungry late at night when advanced cooking is too strenuous but when you want something warm in you. They can also be the salvation for parents who have teenagers whose appetite has reached biblical proportions. With a sandwich grill, you can easily cook super tasty hot sandwiches, […]

Apple expands in Cork – MacWorld

Apple’s European headquarters in Cork, Ireland, have been open since 1980 and have expanded to today house around 6,000 employees in various functions. Some of these have not been located in Hollyhill, where the headquarters are located, so Apple has also rented office space in the center of Cork. Now reports RTE that Apple wants […]

Whatsapp ceases to support older Iphone models

If you use Whatsapp to send messages to your friends and acquaintances, it may be worth knowing that system requirements will be raised in a few months. As of October 24, it is namely iOS 12 or later that applies, which means that older models such as Iphone 5 and 5C are no longer supported. […]

Ifixit will sell spare parts for Steam Deck

It is already known that the well-known “disassemblers” Ifixit will be the official reseller of spare parts for Valve’s handheld gaming console Steam Deck. On Friday, they happened to release advance information about which parts can be repaired, something that was then taken down, write Engadget. Ifixit commented on the matter, however, and confirms that […]

Oneplus Nord 2T: A cautious upgrade

When Oneplus started with price-pressed mobiles, we were at first hesitant, as they built their brand on smart and fast premium mobiles. But 2020 years Oneplus Nord was really successful and Oneplus Nord 2 the following year was even better. Now Oneplus pulls the brakes and releases no Oneplus Nord 3. The new model is […]

Index – Tech-Science – Voyager-1 sends cluttered data beyond the Solar System

Strange things are happening with Voyager 1, which has been traveling for 45 years. Launched in 1977, the U.S. spacecraft crossed the heliopause in August 2012 and entered interstellar space, currently 23.3 billion kilometers away, making it the farthest man-made object. According to the latest data, the device does not currently know exactly where it […]

Tasks: EA is said to have tried to sell itself to Apple

Electronic Arts is said to have been looking for an acquisition or merger in some form, write Appleinsider. Disney, Amazon and Apple are some of the companies you should have tried to attract to a purchase. According to the information, Apple has at least participated in discussions, but no purchase has yet been made. As […]

Borderlands 3 gratis via Epic Games Store

The humorous first-person action game Borderlands 3 can now be downloaded for free via the Epic Games Store. Borderlands 3 was originally released in 2019 and received a largely positive reception. I sin recension M3’s game critics stated that “Lootershooter’s ancestor is the same – and does not disappoint”. The free offer also launches Epic […]

Apple presents big news in Assistive Technology

Apple has today unveiled a series of upcoming news that will make the company’s products more accessible to all users. Door discovered A new feature that is built into the Magnifier app and requires an Iphone or Ipad with lidar sensor. By holding the phone in front of you, it can detect doors in your […]