Taliban talks with Western diplomats in Oslo

Jan Egeland (left), Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council, and Taliban representatives The Taliban want to achieve the lifting of sanctions, the provision of $10 billion in aid and recognition as a legitimate government. Negotiations between Western diplomats and human rights activists with representatives of the Taliban have come to an end in Oslo. […]

Situation in Afghanistan – Taliban satisfied with results of talks in Europe

In Oslo, the Taliban met with representatives from the United States, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Norway and the EU. “The fact that we came to Norway is in itself an advantage for the government in Afghanistan,” Foreign Minister Amir Chan Muttaki, head of the Taliban delegation, said yesterday. He stated that through these meetings, […]

Heboh Taliban ‘Luxury’ Visit to Norway, Spend Rp 11 M

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Afghanistan’s ruling group, the Taliban, made an official visit to Oslo, Norway at the weekend. The trip is the group’s first official visit after taking power in Afghanistan in August 2021. On that occasion, the Taliban said they would start talks on ending the asset freeze and the flow of aid […]

The Taliban’s Luxury Visit to Norway Is Considered a Waste of IDR 11 Billion

loading… A Taliban delegation visited Norway on a charter plane paid for by the Norwegian government. Photo/twitter OSLO – The meeting between the Norwegian government and the Taliban delegation received a lot of criticism from inside and outside the country. The agenda is considered a waste of Norwegian tax funds. In a Sputnik report on […]

Taliban to Norway to Ask for Help because of Threatened Bankruptcy

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Delegation Taliban go to Norway to hold talks with a number of representatives of Western countries to organizations related to humanitarian aid for Afghanistan and disbursement of state assets. “We ask them to cash out the assets of Afghans and not punish ordinary citizens for political discourse,” one of the Taliban […]

8 Afghan Fighters Killed in Baku Shooting with Taliban

Acceptance – A shootout takes place between the troops Taliban and the Afghan resistance struggle of national opposition groups. In the incident, as many as 8 groups of Afghan fighters were killed by the Taliban. Reported by AFP, Friday (21/2/2022), since retaking Afghanistan, the Taliban has firmly faced organized resistance. Meanwhile, the shootout occurred on […]

The Taliban come to Oslo: Norway flatters the Taliban, say Afghans in Norway

On Sunday 23 January, a delegation from the Taliban will land in Oslo, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs in a press release. They come to Norway to participate in talks with a number of actors. Several countries and members of Afghan civil society will be present. This is the first time extremist Islamists have […]

O Muslim countries, there is a message from the Taliban, please heed!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Taliban Prime Minister Mohammad Hassan Akhund called on Muslim countries to formally recognize the group’s government. The Taliban previously seized the Afghan government in August 2021. “I call on Muslim countries to take the lead and recognize us officially,” he was quoted as saying AFP, Wednesday (19/1/2022). “Then I hope we […]

Taliban Plans to Form Martyrs Brigade Against Suicide Bombings

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Taliban recently announced plans to form a suicide bombing battalion, the Brigades of the Shahid. That plan as part of the strength of the national army Afghanistan which is functional to combat suicide bombers. “(The troops) will be under the control of the Ministry of Defense and will be used for […]