Economic survey in the IHK district of Frankfurt am Main

news Regional economy suffers damper in the face of war in Ukraine by Ilse Romahn (09.05.2022) “The sustainable recovery of the regional economy that was hoped for at the beginning of the year has not materialized for the time being. In view of the effects of the war in Ukraine, the local economy is proving […]

Sustainable livestock to reduce carbon footprint | Trends

Colombia produces around 7,500 million liters of milk per year, according to the Agricultural Rural Planning Unit and the Ministry of Agriculture. And since livestock farming is responsible for 49.2% of greenhouse gas emissions in the country -according to data from the FAO-, dairy production is also behind the impact on the carbon footprint, to […]

BioEfiCiencia, a new fertilization for a more productive and sustainable agriculture

“Through BioEfiCiencia we want to reinforce our contribution to a more profitable and respectful agriculture with the planet, making technology available to farmers with efficient solutions that allow them to adapt to an agriculture in constant movement”. This is how Manuel Melgarejo, president of Corteva Agriscience for Spain and Portugal, this new line of solutions […]

A solid response in the midst of a storm of uncertainty

Adrián EspallargasFOLLOW, CONTINUE Updated:21/03/2022 10:19h Keep Related news Sustainable investment in response to volatility in energy prices. Since February 24, the date of the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the price of a barrel of Brent soared from $95.4 to touch $123 on March 8, 28.9% more due to the uncertainty that the conflict […]

Development and research for sustainable agriculture

Last week, the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Murcia (Fecoam), together with the firm Biogreen, held the 1st Conference on the Viability of Sustainable Agriculture at the European Center for Business and Innovation in Murcia. The objective of this meeting was to publicize the latest advances in the optimization of water resources and the presentation […]

“It is possible to carry out fertilization in a sustainable way”

When talking about technology applied to seeds, crop protection and digital agriculture, the name of Corteva is inevitable, which has just presented a set of solutions and services to promote a more productive and environmentally friendly agriculture. – Are sustainability and performance compatible concepts when we talk about agriculture and fertilizers? –Of course, at Corteva […]

Deutsche Bank joins the offer of green mortgages for sustainable housing | My money

Taking advantage of the dynamism of the real estate and mortgage market, some financial entities have decided to bet on green mortgages to finance the purchase of energy efficient homesa financial product that is prospering due to increased demand and the support of European funds. Deustche Bank premieres the DB Sustainable Mortgage exclusively for the […]

Telefónica Movistar received a new sustainable loan from Scotiabank | Finance | Economy

A Telefónica Movistar they accepted a new loan linked to the performance of sustainability indicators. The loan amount is $ 24.5 million and will have a term of three years. The entity that granted the loan was Scotiabank Colpatria, which had already “structured a sustainable financing for the telecommunications company”, already accumulating two of the […]

Revealed, This is the habit of Bunga Citra Lestari at home – Singer Bunga Citra Lestari or BCL breaks his habit at home with his baby, Noah. In the midst of his busy life, BCL remains focused on taking care of his only son, who is currently a teenager. The wife of the late Ashraf Sinclair admitted that she really liked cooking. READ ALSO: Fuji […]