Serious accident for Dean Berta Viñales in Supersport: race day canceled | News

The Spaniard, cousin of Maverick Vinales, was hit by the drivers chasing him. These are hours of apprehension in the Jerez paddock, where the Superbike race-1 should have been on track at 2 pm. The competition was canceled following a serious accident in Dean Berta Viñales in Supersport, with the Spanish rider transported to hospital […]

Bugatti exhibited the first Chiron Super Sport 300+, their tuning took 2 years

The company has introduced the first eight pieces, which it will already send to customers. Two years have passed since the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ prototype exceeded 300 miles per hour (approximately 482 km / h). During that time, Bugatti introduced several other gems, but at the same time also focused on the development […]

The Italians want an exemption from the ban on burners for Ferrari and Lamborghini

The country is home to several manufacturers of exclusive supersports, which are produced in much smaller series than models of conventional cars. However, their electrification will be more difficult, which is why the Italians want an exception. The end of internal combustion engines in Europe has been talked about for a long time, but no […]

The Croatian missile amazes the world. Rimac Nevera is the fastest car in the world

Rimac Nevera is a four-motor-powered supersport with a total output of 1,408 kW. Thanks to that, he became a speed record holder. The Croatian company Rimac is becoming an increasingly respected manufacturer in the field of supercars, after all currently even working with renowned Bugatti. Her reputation earned her an electric drive, which this year […]

The Bugatti Bolide will still be produced. It will be the ultimate circuit machine

The Bugatti Bolide was originally created as a one-piece special, a demonstration of what the most extreme car from Molsheim would look like. Customers liked the project, so in the end it won’t stay with a single piece. In its beginnings, the Bugatti brand was closely connected with car racing. In modern history under the […]

Honda NSX says goodbye. Farewell Type S boosted to 600 horses

Honda will build only 350 pieces of the farewell edition of the NSX supersport. The vast majority of Type S production production will remain in the United States. Honda is slowly saying goodbye to the second generation of NSX supersports. The car manufactured since 2016 enters the final model year. He says goodbye to the […]

The new Lamborghini Countach has apparently leaked to the public, it looks really great!

Shortly after the release of the first samples, the new Lamborghini Countach appeared in full beauty on Instagram! Today, the carmaker Lamborghini published its first samples of the new Countach model through its social networks, the unveiling of which should be around the corner. Shortly afterwards, however, the instagram profile of cochespias discovered images that […]