The elegant Ferrari Roma is a beast. Who other than Mansory…

Many Ferrari fans liked the minimalist and clean design of the Roma model. However, Mansory adjusted the Roma in his own way. The Ferrari Roma model was introduced in 2019 in Rome (where else also…). The 620-horsepower eight-cylinder model reminded us of the former iconic Dino model and immediately became one of the most popular […]

Ndhern buy oilo codes. They made it run, they helped themselves to virtuln reality

Ndhern sports car, which for a long time was waiting for delivery in the palm next to the museum of code, finally finished the darkMichael Velebny, the renovator’s company. The renewed purchase of the renovation of the preserved frame, chassis, aggregate and the construction of the body according to the original documentation was made using […]

Dunlop Qualifier Core entry-level supersport

The new Dunlop Qualifier Core is aimed at beginners and advanced users with sporting aspirations who value an optimal price-performance ratio. The tire fits mid-range naked bikes and supersports, sport tourers and superbikes from previous generations. The core uses Dunlop’s most modern technologies, such as the special front tire construction, the CTCS, which optimizes the […]

Bugatti convenes Chiron Pur Sport models because of the tires

Exclusive events do not avoid exclusive models either, during extreme Bugatti Chiron performances there is not much room for mistakes. The carmaker Bugatti devotes a lot of time and attention to the development and tuning of its cars, yet even such a prestigious and premium brand may have to announce a convening event. The reason […]

The new generation Audi R8 will be 100% electric

The Audi R8 supersport as we know it will probably end with this generation. The successor will be electric. The Audi R8 will always have a special place in the brand’s history, as it was the first sports car with a motor in the middle to significantly influence the public’s view of the premium brand. […]

Koenigsegg has a unique new, fastest-spinning production engine in the world

From idle to the limiter, the new engine spins in just 230 milliseconds. No wonder the carmaker calls it the fastest in the world. If something is characteristic of the Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg, then it is her effort to push the limits. Usually we talk mainly about the limits in the field of performance, aerodynamics, […]