Last: 5 jokes, Slavi’s man will build the roads

They are running for office with a ready list of ministers The Socialists are yet to convene a plenum to approve the agreement, and the DB has not yet scheduled Slavi will personally initial for ITN, former reformer Grozdan Karadzhov named their deputy prime minister NSThere will be four deputy prime ministers in the future […]

Know How to Overcome Fatigue After Someone Recovers from COVID-19 – There are a number of symptoms or health problems that can appear when a person is recovering from COVID-19. Fatigue or fatigue is the most common symptom found in post-COVID syndrome, even this complaint is still felt after 100 days of exposure to the corona virus. In patients who had experienced severe lung […]

The Importance of Giving Influenza Vaccination During a Pandemic – Influenza or flu is a disease that is often overlooked by many people. In fact, this disease should also be controlled, especially through vaccination. Data from the WHO shows that in 2018 there were 3-5 million people worldwide affected by severe influenza infections every year. Of these, an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people […]

625 Tasikmalaya Residents Get DHF, 12 People Died – Head of the Disease Control and Eradication Division of the Tasikmalaya City Health Office, Asep Hendra, said hundreds of residents had been attacked by dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) since early 2021. Even so, the number was considered to be still down compared to the previous year. Asep said that currently there are still […]

Covid-19 cases are rampant, Garut is overshadowed by tuberculosis and dengue fever – Covid-19 cases in Garut Regency are currently known to be sloping. As of Monday (1/11) afternoon, out of 24,730 cases, 23,456 people were declared cured, 1,171 died, 11 people self-isolated, and 2 people were treated and isolated in hospital. However, after the Covid-19 case in Garut Regency has escalated, the Secretary of the […]

an alleged risk still raises doubts and now two countries vetoed its use

While the Sputnik V vaccine awaits the approval of the World Health Organization to be incorporated into the list of immunizers approved by the body, an extra stumbling block it has gotten in the way of Russia’s race for global acceptance. Strictly speaking, it is an “old” questioning that has once again gained relevance from […]

Was she too young to be so famous

Charli D’Amelio: Was she too young to be so famous New post Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was she too young to be so famous? Charli D’Amelio: was […]

Here’s How the Ministry of Health Controls Malaria During XX PON in Papua – Minister of Health (Menkes), Budi Gunadi Sadikin said that controlling malaria in a number of areas organizing the XX 2021 Papua National Sports Week (PON) was carried out through fogging or “fogging”. “In the last two weeks, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Papua Health Office has carried out ‘fogging’ throughout […]