a minister denounces the “aggressive” trajectory of a Chinese spy ship

The Australian Minister of Defense denounced Friday, May 13 the trajectory “agressivefrom a Chinese spy ship on the west coast of the country, displaying a tough stance against the opposition ahead of the elections. Read alsoHave Russia and China really made a “pact”? Minister Peter Dutton has repeatedly urged Australian voters not to trust the […]

when the United States draws the weapon of military intelligence

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled a new aid package for Ukraine including heavy weapons and more intelligence. Since the start of the war, the United States has made innovative use of declassification and sharing of sensitive information with the public and Ukraine. An approach that has an obvious impact on the course of […]

US bans telecom operator China Unicom from operating there over fears of espionage

Published on Friday, January 28, 2022 at 09:02 Through Sudinfo with Belga The Chinese telecom company China Unicom was banned from operating in the United States on Thursday by the Federal Committee in charge of communications (FCC). The American authority fears that the company, controlled by the Chinese government, jeopardizes national security and engages in […]

The company that makes the spyware Pegasus blacklisted by the United States

The US Department of Commerce said on Wednesday that it had added NSO Group, the Israeli company that manufactures Pegasus spy software, to its list of banned companies because they pose a threat to US national security. NSO found itself exposed this summer after investigations published by a consortium of 17 international media outlets revealing […]

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe, spying as a couple in the “middle class” version

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe were indicted on Wednesday for seeking to sell the trade secrets of the US military’s most advanced nuclear submarines. Story of the itinerary of these apprentice spies who looked like the “model” couple from the American suburbs. “She never learned to watch! She’s just a schoolteacher.” Before the judge, lawyer Edward […]

in the United States, a couple arrested for nuclear espionage

An American couple, including a U.S. Navy engineer, were arrested in West Virginia on Saturday and charged with nuclear espionage for a foreign government, in reality an undercover FBI agent who paid them with cryptocurrency, American justice announced this Sunday. Read alsoSpying: “Pegasus suspenders» «For almost a year“Writes the US Department of Justice, 42-year-old nuclear […]

Cyber ​​espionage: the Israeli company NSO behind the Pegasus project

Published on : 21/07/2021 – 14:54 This is perhaps the biggest spy scandal of this decade, arguably the biggest since Edward Snowden’s revelations in 2013. Ultra-sophisticated spyware dubbed “Project Pegasus” made it possible to hack data from thousands of smartphones. It was developed by the Israeli giant, NSO Group, which has established itself in recent […]

Project Pegasus. 1,000 French people affected by the global phone spy system

This is the first in a series of revelations revealed this Sunday, July 18, 2021 on ” Pegasus Project », A consortium of 16 media led by Forbidden Stories, including the investigation unit of Radio France, The world , The Guardian (UK), The Washington Post (in the United States)… The subject of their investigation: Pegasus, […]

Estonian consul arrested and accused of having received “classified documents”

The man was reportedly caught red-handed by Russian security services while receiving documents from a Russian citizen. The Estonian Consul in St. Petersburg, Russia, was arrested for obtaining “classified documents”, Announced Tuesday, July 6 the Russian security services (FSB) against the background of the proliferation of espionage cases between Moscow and the West. Read also […]

a shocking but not surprising case

The Danish survey reveals that thethe German Chancellor was spied on, just like other European leaders without giving names. But according to Wikileaks, presidents Chirac, Sarkozy and Holland were also bugged. This spy case is shocking, but not really surprising. Emmanuel Macron may say that espionage between allies is unacceptable, itis an old and widespread […]