The State Duma of the Russian Federation intends to ban the exchange of Azov fighters

Photo: Screenshot Viacheslav Volodin approved the initiative of Anatoly Wasserman State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin declared the Azov servicemen “Nazi criminals” who must face trial. The Russian State Duma is going to ban the exchange of Ukrainian servicemen of the Azov regiment, who defend Mariupol and now hold positions at the Azovstal metallurgical plant. This […]

This will be Sonos’ new, cheaper subwoofer

Last week, Sonos launched a new cheaper soundbar. Rumor has it that a new subwoofer will be better matched with Ray and Beam. The company’s only subwoofer today, Sub, costs just over SEK 8,000, while Ray costs SEK 3,400. No subwoofer appeared along with Ray, but now reports The Verge that it is underway. The […]

Sonos launches cheaper soundbar – and own voice assistant

Sonos continues to broaden its range of soundbars. After compact Beam and maffiga Arc the company shifts again towards a smaller form factor – and price tag. The new addition Sonos Ray is slightly smaller than Beam, while the price tag of SEK 3,399 is considerably smaller than the middle sibling’s just over SEK 5,000. […]

Marshall releases his smallest speaker to date

Marshall is now launching what is described as the company’s “most portable speaker” to date, Willen. The speaker’s dimensions are 101.6 x 100.5 x 40.4 mm and the weight is a paltry 0.31 kilos. The Willen is made with a 2-inch broadband element and two passive elements that promise “a powerful sound everywhere”. The maximum […]

Tasks: Sonos is releasing a cheaper soundbar this summer

Sonos has so far chosen to stay away from the market for cheap soundbar speakers, but now reports The Verge that the company is about to launch a smaller, simpler soundbar that will cost $ 250 in the US. According to the information, the speaker has the internal code name “Fury” and the model designation […]

Harry and Megan visited Queen Elizabeth for the first time in two years

Japan Airlines (JAL) has revised down its forecast for the financial year 2021/22, which ended at the end of March, and expects an even greater net loss due to the Omicron option, which greatly reduced its passenger traffic in Japan. reported AFP and BTA. The second largest Japanese airline already

Alliance expansion will not bring additional security to Europe / GORDON

According to The Times, the United States expects that against the backdrop of the Russian war in Ukraine, Finland in June 2022 apply for NATO membershipSweden will follow suit. It is noted that the membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO was a topic for discussion and numerous meetings during negotiations between the foreign ministers […]

Lena Borislavova’s sister, a young doctor, will emigrate due to working conditions

Lena Borislavova The government will try to keep the covid supplement of BGN 60 for pensioners after June To stand and watch – so Lena Borislavova, government spokeswoman, addressed the former Minister of Health, whose name she did not mention, explaining in the program “120 minutes” on BTV that the government is working the pay […]

Ikea Vappeby: Bluetooth speaker with light for 50 euros

Ikea has announced a new Bluetooth speaker, the Vappeby. The Vappeby not only provides sound, but also light: It is equipped with an LED lamp that is supposed to support two light modes – one for the day, one for the evenings. Ikea itself compares the design of the Vappeby to Darth Vader’s helmet from […]