Russia will supply the Earth with electricity from space

Russia’s state corporation Roscosmos has developed a promising project to build a solar space power plant that will transmit solar energy from space to hard-to-reach areas of the Earth or to other spacecraft. This was announced by the company “Russian Space Systems” (RCC), part of “Roscosmos”, writes Prime Agency. “Specialists from the RCC have completed […]

Scientists Create Lighter-than-Air Spacecraft to Explore Venus

JAKARTA – Scientists are developing a very light spacecraft to explore the Planet Venus, and can adapt to foreign environments other than Planet Earth. Proposed in 2014 by Northrop Grumman, the project dubbed Venus Atmospheric Manoeuvrability Platform (VAMP) will deploy a probe from Earth to explore Venus’ upper atmosphere. The spacecraft, designed like a balloon, […]

Not to be outdone by the US and China, Russia also offers space tourism

loading… Russia’s Soyuz rocket that offers space tourism. PHOTO/TASS MOSCOW – After a decade-long hiatus, Russia relaunch ambitious bid to dominate the tourism industry outer space developing in the world. Russia is trying to pique the interest of the world’s excited billionaires. Russia is also ready to compete with the United States (US) and China. […]

NASA Plane Finally Successfully Touched the Sun, Amazing! – NASA made history after its spacecraft managed to touch the sun. Reported from the page, the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft belongs to NASA fly through the Sun’s upper atmosphere, the corona, and sample the particles and magnetic field there. It is known, this historic achievement actually occurred in April 2021. However, NASA […]

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Becomes a Spacecraft That Touches the Sun.

ILLUSTRATION. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Becomes a Spacecraft That Touches the Sun. Writer: Arif Budianto KONTAN.CO.ID – NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is the first spacecraft to touch the sun. The spacecraft, which has been probing the Sun for a long time, is at its closest of 5.3 million miles. Recently, history noted that NASA’s Parker […]

NASA spacecraft sets record close to the sun

Jakarta – Parker Solar Probe, the spacecraft belonging to NASA, setting a new record after completing perihelion or its 10th closest orbit to the Sun. On November 21, 2021, the space rover is closest to the surface Sun which is 8.5 million km. This makes it the closest spacecraft to survive past the Sun. Not […]

NASA Spacecraft Captures Images of Saturn Complete with Rings

JAKARTA – NASA’s spacecraft, which was originally only tasked with observing the Moon, has managed to get a very beautiful view of the planet Saturn. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) NASA has been circling the Moon since 2009. But the images NASA just shared from LRO show just how amazing the planet Saturn is, complete with […]

NASA Spacecraft Becomes Earth’s Shield from Asteroids

SOLOPOS.COM – NASA sent a DART spacecraft using a Falcon 9 rocket. (, JAKARTA — In order to protect Earth from asteroids, NASA will launch a spacecraft in 2022. The goal of this craft is to destroy itself when it hits an asteroid. That way this plane will be the Earth’s shield in the […]