In Durban, the Pope urges more efforts against child labor

Pope Francis addressed a message to the participants of the 5th World Conference on the Elimination of Child Labor, which is taking place in the South African city of Durban from May 15 to 20, under the aegis of the International Labor Organization. Labor (ILO). The latter has set with the UN the ambitious objective […]

Number of corona infections in South Africa increased by half in a day

The number of corona infections in South Africa has risen by half in 24 hours. That was evident from the most recent figures on Thursday. The new corona wave is a result of two new sub-variants of omikron, BA.4 and BA.5. In the past 24 hours, 9,757 new infections were registered compared to 6,170 the […]

Giant Squid Carcass Found in South Africa, Expert Says – Carcass giant squid found in Long Beach, Kommetjie, south Africa on April 30 last. Giant squid The stranded has a body length of about 2.2 meters, with tentacles up to 3.5 meters. “It was amazing to see,” said Alison Paulus, a Cape Town resident and founder of the wildlife conservation organization Volunteer and […]

He forgot it on the plane. She prepared a presentation to find her bag.

According to the information transferred from ShiftDelete; It has to be said that one of the most useful technological accessories of recent years is AirTag. Despite being the size of a keychain, the accessory, which can save thousands of pounds of valuables, makes life easier for iPhone users. The device, which enables you to track […]

“Can no longer remain silent”: German embassy counters Russian Nazi comparison

“Can’t keep quiet any longer” German embassy counters Russian Nazi comparison 03/06/2022, 04:35 am The Russian Embassy in South Africa launches a Twitter post celebrating the attack on Ukraine as a liberation from Nazis. This infuriated the German diplomats in Pretoria, who reacted as “experts on National Socialism” – and earned a lot of praise. […]

Illegal Passenger Found in Plane Wheel, Survived After 11 Hours of Flight

Airplane Illustration (Source: AMSTERDAM, KOMPAS.TV – A stowaway was found hiding in the wheel of a plane that had just landed in the Netherlands. He was found safe after hiding in the plane’s wheelbarrow on a flight from South Africa for 11 hours. The incident occurred at Schippol Airport, Amsterdam, Sunday (23/1/2022). Dutch authorities […]

Stowaway survives 11 hours in plane’s undercarriage

The landing gear of a large Boeing 747-8 – certainly not the most comfortable place on the plane (archive image). Image: Photo – FAZ Wolfgang Eilmes Unbelievable but true: a man from South Africa spent an eleven-hour flight in the aircraft’s landing gear. He traveled 9000 kilometers from Johannesburg to Amsterdam. In this he was […]

17 bus passengers burned alive in South Africa

Фото: Department of Transport and Public Safety Bus with passengers caught fire after collision with a car On the highway, an SUV collided with a bus, killing at least 18 people. At least 18 people were killed in a head-on collision between a bus and SUV in northern South Africa. This was announced on Wednesday, […]