Christmas in Krefeld is also a feast for the ears

December 25, 2021 at 7:00 a.m. Christmas with four senses : Christmas is also a feast for the ears There is a Meißner carillon made of porcelain at the hunting lodge of the Burg Linn Museum. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld Sounds, music or the ringing of bells are part of the festival for many […]

Stream Episodio 08 Kinnich VU by Vibracion Universal Mx

| KINNICH | @kinnich_ofc Hello friends, this is Kinnich, I am very happy to share with you this new dj set “Episode 08”. I hope you enjoy it, dance and share this hour of incredible music that I prepare for all of you. Greetings to all and good vibes! Comment by AMAD IT’S YOUR SIN […]

Stream Winner Alternative DJ Mag Top 100 Stream (November 2020) by Charlotte de Witte

Watch the full stream here: @charlottedewittemusic @CharlottedWitte The DJ Mag Alternative Top 100 is powered by Beatport. Comment by Basti megaaa 2021-10-28T05:43:34Z Comment by Basti ???????????? 2021-10-28T05:42:38Z ???? 2021-10-18T00:36:58Z Omg… ???????????????? 2021-10-17T09:49:42Z Comment by LMN jheez 2021-09-28T08:58:24Z Hey Charly 🙂 You have the Track ID for me? 2021-09-18T12:58:34Z

Stream Podcast # 53: Using SCRUM successfully by Skillbyte Technologie Podcast

Welcome to the Skillbyte podcast! Skillbyte is your partner for digital excellence. This podcast is about the topic: Digital education in Germany // Contents // 01:08 – Intro Hannes Ftuni, shareholder of Scrumcorp 01:41 – What does “SCRUM” mean? 04:58 – The origin of SCRUM 06:45 – Agility as a competitive advantage through SCRUM 10:25 […]

Scary squeaking and rumbling. China has released sound recordings from Mars

China has released a series of sound recordings from Mars, recorded by the rover Zhuong. These are the sounds of the rover’s engine and also its movement down the ramp to the surface of the red planet. So a little scary squeaking is emitted by metals that rub against each other. Listen to authentic sounds […]