38 games have been approved for Steam Deck. What are they like?

Portable computer Steam Deck from Valve is approaching. We’ve heard in the past that most of the most popular games on Steam are compatible with the new hardware, but only today is it on the list. It has been confirmed so far 38 her jako Steam Deck Verified. Another 24 received a sticker that they […]

Another big patch for Cyberpunk 2077 in early 2022

Recent delay next-gen verze Cyberpunk 2077 a Sorcerers 3 it was an unpleasant surprise, but at the same time it was a sign that the developers had learned from their mistakes in some respects and now do not intend to rush anything. She confirmed it too a recent conference with investors at which the creators […]

Neither Cyberpunk 2077 nor The Sorcerer 3 will be released on next-gen this year

Did you think after yesterday found out activity of the PEGI rating agency in connection with the next-gen version Sorcerers 3 will we see improvements soon? We also. But in the CD of the RED Project, he sees it differently in the end. The developers announced today that based on the recommendation of the responsible […]

This is how Sorcerer 3 is played on the Steam Deck

CD Project RED received from Valve Steam Deck and decided to show how it runs on the upcoming hardware Sorcerer 3: Wild Hunt. Good news if you want to play one of the best action RPGs, Geralt’s adventures shouldn’t be a problem on Steam Deck. As the videos on Twitter show, the world of Sorcerer […]