This is to be done if the influencer causes image damage

Shutterstock/Ekahardiwito Shutterstock/Ekahardiwito Cooperation between companies and influencers can bring significant benefits for both sides. But what is actually to be done if the partnership leads to image damage – as happened recently in the case of Fynn Kliemann? from dr Dominik Herzog, founder of Sylvenstein Rechtsanwälte The Fynn Kliemann case caused a stir. It recently […]

malware acts on Messenger

For some time now, hackers have managed so that Facebook Messenger users could be tricked and scammed through a message that you have to click on to access the system and thus the account and other information of the person. This is malware that reaches people through a message supposedly sent by one of the […]

Lis Cuesta returns to Twitter with “several learnings”

Two days after the unfortunate comment about the blackouts and the heart “in scrubbing mode,” Lis Cuesta, wife of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, announced Tuesday that she has returned to Twitter “with various learnings.” The so-called First Lady of Cuba did not specify in the thread what those learnings were, but expressed “infinite thanks from […]

The “New York Times” and the “Guardian” issue Twitter rules – media

Again and again journalists in the USA lose their jobs after Twitter accidents. But how do you behave properly on Facebook, Tiktok and other networks? And are etiquette rules like those of the New York Times and the Guardian useful? Von Andrian Create In keeping with the nature of social media, this story about Twitter […]

Find out who visits your Facebook profile

During the first decade of the 2000s, users who had Tuenti could download beta versions to discover the people who had accessed their profiles. After the closure of this social network, to this day, there is also a trick that serves to find out the gossips of Facebook. In case you didn’t know, these are […]

Börse Express – Social Media: HandelsblattFinanzen on Twitter

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New feature allows leaving a group silently

The messenger service WhatsApp wants to offer its users a new function in group chat in the near future. So it should soon be possible that not all members of the group are informed as usual when you leave it. The company is also working on an improved link preview in status updates. The industry […]

Morena initiative proposes that influencers pay taxes

Deputy María del Rosario Merlín García, representing the Morena caucus, presented a proposal to reform the Federal Consumer Protection Law, with which it is proposed that youtubers, video bloggers and influencers submit to the regime of fiscal obligations and responsibilities. If the proposal is approved, influencers would have to pay taxes, when the content they […]

Those who post stories on Instagram won’t like this: After sharing 3 stories…

Instagram Stories have become quite popular lately. Most Instagram users have made it a habit to share the photos and videos they want to appear 24 hours a day through Instagram Stories. Aware of this popularity, Instagram management has started to do some work to improve the stories section. However, this time, news emerged that […]