Happy family: Eva Burešová went to the company with…

Eva Burešová and Přemek Forejt Zdroj: Profimedia Actress Eva Burešová takes her son Nathaniel with her only exceptionally, to the launch of the Magic Fountain, which returns to the Prague Exhibition Grounds and to which the actress sang vocals, but the cute boy was not to be missed. They were then accompanied by the actress’ […]

“The level at the absolute highest level”

Colorful robes, weightless acrobatics, scenes that touch the heart. New York-based artist troupe Shen Yun takes audiences on a journey to ancient China that even veteran artists are enthralled by. Graham Waterhouse is a composer and cellist. Originally from London, the artist currently lives in Munich. On May 7th, he attended the Shen Yun performance […]

What are we willing to sacrifice, how much blood must still flow?

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Eva Burešová got burned several times in love: Former partner…

Eva Burešová and Michael Krásný Source: Profimedia Eva Burešová has been happily commissioned by chef Přemek Forejt for almost two years, with whom she is even expecting a baby. Besides her partner, she absolutely shines and is fabulously in love, but there were times when love was making her wrinkle. Before she met Přemek, she […]

Samsung Releases Web Series Recorded Using Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

My New Rules of Journey This is a form of content innovation from Vidio in providing a wider portfolio, not only in terms of stories, but also from its production using a Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G smartphone. According to Eva, through this collaboration, Vidio hopes to provide a new and different perspective for Vidio users. […]

Pawlowska’s 67th Birthday: Halina is looking for 5 million!

In the series, Halina plays Lenka Hrabalová, an employee of the zoo’s information center. When she was about to go to the studios, she found that he had a cough. That’s why she called responsibly that she might be ill. The staff reassured her that he would take her tests, of course. Fortunately, the results […]

Eva Burešová showed a rounded belly: She confirmed

It has been several weeks since rumors began to appear that actress Eva Burešová was pregnant. The star of the series Slunečná or ZOO himself refutes the speculation from the very beginning, but now many have noticed her round belly, which the actress showed in the fourth part of the show Your face has a […]