The Sun Once Had a Ring Like Saturn

A a new study has found that before the birth of the planets in this solar system, the sun once had rings like Saturn around the sun. The rings prevent Earth from becoming a so-called ‘SuperEarth’, which is a world that is twice the size of Earth and has between three and 10 times its […]

NASA Spacecraft Captures Images of Saturn Complete with Rings

JAKARTA – NASA’s spacecraft, which was originally only tasked with observing the Moon, has managed to get a very beautiful view of the planet Saturn. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) NASA has been circling the Moon since 2009. But the images NASA just shared from LRO show just how amazing the planet Saturn is, complete with […]

Earth Will Have Rings Similar to the Planet Saturn, but Formed from Space Junk

PRIANGAN ZONE – Earth will get a similar ring Saturn, according to a scientist from the US. Ring this will actually be made of rubbish–rubbish space. Various browsing space has led to an increase in the number of satellite and the spacecraft left in orbit Earth, most of which are no longer used alias expired. […]

Definition and Names of Planets in the Solar System – All living beings live on earth which is one of the planets found on solar system. Anything the names of the planets anything other than earth? Check out the explanation below. Before knowing and trying to memorize the names inner planet our solar system, you also need to understand what is a planet. […]

November 12, 1980: Saturn’s Rings Successfully Captured in Pictures

Voyager has sent back data that led to several groundbreaking discoveries, including the 15th moon and scans Titan, month Saturn biggest. This is the only month in Solar system which is large enough to hold the atmosphere, mainly because it is larger than the planet Mercury. Scientists say Titan bears a close chemical resemblance to […]

Astronomers Find Planets As Big as Saturn in Other Galaxies

SAN FRANCISCO, – Hunt exoplanet wandering beyond the Milky Way. Astronomers using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory have detected what may be the first signs of a planet in another galaxy. The team saw a decrease in the brightness of X-rays that hinted at a planet transiting in front of a star in the galaxy […]

Earthlings Moving to Jupiter or Saturn?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The age of the Sun is predicted to be 5 billion years from now. When the Sun Dies, the Earth is expected to be destroyed, is there an option for humans to survive? This is the prediction of a number of astronomers published in the journal Nature using examples with similar […]

Euro-Japan Mission to Mercury Sends Back Photo of Planet’s Crater Surface

SAN FRANCISCO, – Photos of Mercury passing, the least-explored planet in the Solar System, shows the planet has a crater-filled surface that resembles Earth’s Moon. The Mercury photos are from BepiColombo, a joint mission between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched from Spaceport Europe in 2018. The […]