Krassimir Dachev: We agreed not to worsen gas prices by June next year

We, the entrepreneurs, have been talking about measures since June last year. At the moment when some emotional restrictions began, sanctions to break some long trade relations – I mean the first sanctions against Russia. The problem is only getting worse. This was explained in “Speak Now” by Krassimir Dachev, Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian […]

what happened – Society –

Recently, the UK imposed personal sanctions against Putin’s closest relatives – his ex-wife Lyudmila Ocheretnaya, as well as the current mistress (or already wife) Alina Kabaeva and a number of other close people. But, they say, these sanctions did not cause significant damage, and the dictator himself took the news about the sanctions calmly. Telegram […]

The United States has threatened Russia with default

Washington is ready to suspend a provision allowing Russia to make bond payments, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Wednesday, a move that increases Moscow’s chances of failing to pay its foreign debt and default. informs the American newspaper “Politico” The clause, which falls under the US sanctions regime, has allowed Russia to service its […]

US offers alternative to oil embargo

Photo: ERA The US Treasury proposes to impose duties on Russian oil The US Treasury Department plans to propose to European countries to impose duties on Russian oil, and send the money from the duties to the fund for the restoration and reconstruction of Ukraine. The US Treasury Department during the G7 financial meeting plans […]

Putin commented on plans for an oil and gas embargo

Putin held the meeting online Europe could become the region with the highest prices for gas and oil in the event of abandoning Russia’s energy resources, Putin said. A number of European countries will not be able to give up Russian oil and gas for quite some time, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes. So on […]

Sanctions against Russia – Germany is ready to refuse oil imports from Russia

According to sources of the publication, the government continues efforts to conclude deals with alternative energy suppliers. The Cabinet of Ministers of the country is confident that they will be able to solve the problems with logistics within the next six to seven months. According to the German Ministry of Economics, the share of Russian […]

Russia began selling tankers due to sanctions – media

Photo: Sovcomflot Tanker Surgut of the Russian company Sovcomflot Some of the ships sold have already changed names and are being registered under different flags, sources say. Russian shipping company Sovcomflot has sold “about a dozen ships” to buyers in Asia and the Middle East to pay off Western banks amid sanctions. The newspaper reported […]

War in Ukraine, this is how the oligarchs avoid sanctions against Russia

According to an analysis by the Washington Post, based on secret documents from the Pandora Papers and the Paradise Papers, at least $ 1 trillion of Russian wealth is held in offshore companies, in tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and Cyprus. Putin has often condemned this practice, evoking tax evasion and […]

The US imposes a new battery of sanctions on Russia within the framework of the G7

The United States announced this Sunday a new battery of sanctions against Russia in the framework of a G7 leaders meetingin which the major industrial powers pledged to further isolate Moscow over the war in Ukraine. The European G7 countries were unable to announce their own sanctions because the European Union (EU) was unable to […]