two holes, will lie on its side! — UNIAN

The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet “Moskva” was hit by two Ukrainian anti-ship missiles “Neptune” on April 13. Russia suffers heavy losses in battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine / Published recording of the last transmission on the lined by Ukraine Russian cruiser “Moscow”. Judging by the recording, the ship was hit […]

Russia began selling tankers due to sanctions – media

Photo: Sovcomflot Tanker Surgut of the Russian company Sovcomflot Some of the ships sold have already changed names and are being registered under different flags, sources say. Russian shipping company Sovcomflot has sold “about a dozen ships” to buyers in Asia and the Middle East to pay off Western banks amid sanctions. The newspaper reported […]

Putin’s entourage is preparing the information space for his operation

According to Nightingale, the final date of the surgical intervention has not yet been set. According to media reports, Putin will have to go under the knife / REUTERS In the Russian Federation, the preliminary part of preparing the information space during the absence of dictator Putin, who, according to media reports, undergoing surgery. He […]

there is a victim and injured – UNIAN

Kremlin media report at least one death in the explosion. An explosion occurred in the military unit of the Russian Federation / illustration On the morning of May 12, a powerful explosion occurred in a military unit located in the village of Teysin, Amur District, Khabarovsk Territory of the Russian Federation. It is reported […]

In Russia, children were forced to shoot the “last fascist” (photo) – UNIAN

The occupying country believes that this “fun” will help bring up a “patriotic generation.” In the Russian Federation, “the last fascist was shot” / photo In Kislovodsk, Russia, the United Russia mayor arranged a “patriotic” event for the children on Victory Day. In particular, teenagers were forced to “shoot the last fascist.” About it […]

cured a hangover by a shaman – UNIAN

The former top manager of Lukoil knew the shaman for a long time and regularly used his services. Found dead former top manager of Lukoil Alexander Subbotin / photo Former top managerLukoil“Billionaire Alexander Subbotin died in Mytishchi, probably after an anti-hangover session with shamans. According to the Telegram channel Mashthe shaman and his wife […]

in Russia, a concert was held for veterans on a flooded street (video) — UNIAN

The orchestra played right next to the puddles, the sewers in the city burst in early April. The authorities of the Hydrolysis perfectly showed how their country “honors and congratulates” veterans / screenshots from the video In the Russian Federation, veterans in the village of Gidrolizny, Arkhangelsk Region, were congratulated on May 9 with a […]

In Russia, the recruiting office was pelted with “Molotov cocktails”

A video of the incident has been posted online. In Russia, the military enlistment office was bombarded with Molotov cocktails / screenshot In the Russian city of Nizhnevartovsk, on Mira Street, they threw Molotov cocktails military enlistment office. Russian writes about the incident Telegram-Baza channel, posting videos. “Tonight, an unknown person threw two bottles of […]

Finnish railway announced the termination of contracts with Russia

Photo: VR Group VR Group closes all its business in Russia By the end of this summer, traffic will be reduced by about a third of the initial level, noted in the VR Group. Finland’s state-owned railway company VR Group is terminating contracts with Russia for freight transportation. It is reported on her site on […]