Russia will use nuclear weapons in one case

The Russian deputy named the condition under which the authorities would allegedly take such a step. Zhuravlev threatens to use nuclear weapons / photo: URA.RU Russia may be the first to apply nuclear weapon – in the case of “a real threat to the existence of the country.” This statement was made in an interview […]

Armed Forces of Ukraine beat off 18 enemy attacks in Donbas in a day – UNIAN

Destroyed, in particular, 13 tanks, 8 artillery systems, 27 armored vehicles. Russia lost 30 tanks in Donbas per day / photo of the Armed Forces of Ukraine During the day, Ukrainian defenders recaptured 18 enemy attacks in the Donbass. About this on his page in Facebook reports the General Staff of the Armed Forces of […]

The Russians can land troops in the south of the Odessa region

The enemy is persistently trying to destroy the bridge across the Dniester Estuary in the south of the region. The enemy is trying to destroy the bridge in the south of the Odessa region / photo: The Russian occupiers are trying to destroy the bridge across the Dniester estuary in the south of the […]

The Russian army is stuck in Ukraine

Russian forces did not make significant progressand Ukrainian forces took additional positions northeast of Kharkiv. This is stated in the traditional daily review of the Institute for War Studies on the situation in Ukraine. Ukraine’s counter-offensive north of Kharkiv has forced Russian troops to defend themselves and has stepped up reinforcements to prevent further Ukrainian […]

Russian invaders completely blocked the evacuation from Mariupol – UNIAN

In Mariupol, there is virtually no drinking water, food, and habitable premises. In Mariupol, there is virtually no water, food and habitable premises / photo “Azov” Blocked by the occupiers evacuation processes force Mariupol residents to return to the city. This was announced by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko in broadcast […]

You can now develop nuclear weapons online

Yelchenko says that a nuclear bomb can now be developed online. Non-nuclear countries may think about developing nuclear weapons – diplomat / photo nuclear blackmail The Kremlin may lead even “non-nuclear” countries to start developing nuclear weapons online. This opinion was expressed by diplomat Vladimir Yelchenko, writes the website “Today“. He recalled that there […]

There may not be a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The adviser to the head of the Presidential Office reminded that Ukraine needs a lot of weapons. According to Arestovich, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in need of weapons / photo REUTERS Armed Forces of Ukraine for counteroffensive You need a lot of weapons. This was stated by Advisor to the Head of the […]

And tonight Russia is firing missiles at Ukraine

The mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Boris Filatov announced on Facebook that at least one Russian missile was hit the city centerannounced the BBC. “Strike right in the center of Dnepropetrovsk. Do not leave the shelters! Wait for official information from the military administration,” he said. Alexander Kamishin, chief executive of Ukrainian Railways, said Dnipropetrovsk’s railway facilities […]

German fighter jets intercept Russian reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic Sea

The Russian Il-20 crossed international airspace and was heading for the island of Rügen. Russian IL – 20 Kut-A was intercepted by QRA over the Baltic Sea / Wikimedia In the sky above by the Baltic Sea Two German Eurofighters intercepted a Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft. This is reported by the representation of German forces […]